Cute Quotes... Page Twenty-Two

i'm making a comeback
i'm planning my attack.
so when you bitches "roll out"
don't forget to watch your back.

some of you are too damn oblivious.
yeah bitch, i do hate you
live with it

you're not considered a slut because of how you dress, let's get that straight.
you're considered a slut, because of the number of men you hit your knees for,
but never date.

i didn't ask you to love me,
so i suggest you get off it.
if you keep talkin',
you might just get hit.

some call me a bitch,
some call me a hoe.
but until you know the real me,
then you really don't know.

you wanna talk shit, then
say it to my face.
'cause you back stabbin' b*tches
are a f*cking disgrace.

walk in my shoes? please,
you'd fall on your first step.

whatever, bitch, you think you're hot shit
but i'mma show you how fast "hot shit"
can get hit.

you don't like me?
good, i'm glad.
i hope everytime you see me happy,
the thought just makes you mad.
you thought that you could destroy me,
haha funny, you lost.
now you sit at home all lonely,
i told you, you pay the cost.

you only know what you see
no one knows what it's like to be me.

being me. living my life.
trying to passby and make sh*t right.