Cute Quotes... Page Twenty

what the heck? i'm a bet.
well, soon, you'll be wishin'
that we hadn't met.

my boy is a fighter
and that is no doubt
if your man messes with me
he better watch out.

it's all about me and the sh*t i do,
so to h*ll with nelly,
he can be number two.

that's all it took.
one look.
you're hooked.

most guys are players, and
that is a fact.
so, dont' fall in love, just
play 'em back.

sweet like candy.
so sweet you rock,
and sweet you roll.

you know you want this
you know you cant miss
little did you know
you'll never hit this

don't roll my dice if you can't play nice.

he said " we can work through this"
as i turned to walk out the door,
yeah, like i'd believe him,
he used that line before.

you think that i care,
the truth is, i don't.
try to bring me down,
the truth is, you won't.

you think i'm jealous,
ha, you're funny.
ain't nothing sweeter
then this, play boy bunny!

2003 was such a blast!
i can't wait to make 2004,
better then the past.