Cute Quotes... Page Two

Girls are like phones--
they want to be held and
talk to, but if
you push the wrong buttons
you'll get disconnected.

º°x·:He HoLdS Me WheN i StArT 2 cRy
ø´¨`»MaKeS Me SmiLe WiTh JuS HiS eYeZ
ShAreZ My HoPes DrEaMs FeArs«´¨`ø ø´¨`»
WiPes AwAy ALL My TeArs
i LoVe hiM wiToUt rEgReT«´¨`ø
i JuS hAvEn't FoUnd HiM yEt·:·xº°

Fine guys open my eyes,
smart guys open my mind but only
a sweet guy can open my heart

.*.:When u lay your head down at night
to sleep do u think of me? Do
u think of what u had or what you'll
never have again??:.*.

*:•.-I wAnNa B sOmEbOdY's-*:•.
*:•.- [ SoMeBoDy ] -*:•.

u Luv me * u HaTe me
.. Make uP Ya Mind
u SweaT me .. forgeT me
[sToP wasTin my time]

[( hOLLa [«] Bak )]

I’m that girl with the -S w E e T e S t- *KiSs*
Tell me ^HoW^ can you possibly (R e S i S t ?)

I kiss all the boys I please
& please all the boys I kiss

BoYz CoMe AnD bOyS gO
HoW loNg WiLL iT LaSt?
...Ya NeVeR kNoW...
So Go OuT n HaVe SoMe FuN
CuZ WhO EvEr SaiD u CaN oNLy HaVe 1?!

-There are 2 types of parties-
*those you’ll never forget*
...and those you can't remember...

I LoOk fOr A gUy wItH a V.c.R...

JuSt CuZ u Say u LoVe Me DoeSNT MeaN iLL STay
JuSt CuZ u Say u LoVe Me DoeSNT MaKe THiNgS oK
JuSt CuZ u Say u LoVe Me DoeSNT MeaN iTS TRue
JuSt CuZ u Say u LoVe Me DoeSNT MeaN i LuV u 2

oNe HuG, oNe KiSS, oNe DReaM, oNe CHaNCe,
oNe LiFe, oNe LoVe... No ReGReTS.