Cute Quote... Page Nineteen

i DuNo Y ThEsE GiRlZ TrOuBle Me
iS iT CuZ ThEiR BoYfRiEnDz Be
* LoViN Me? *

SoMe DaYz i WaNnA gIvE uP
JuS QuIt dA gAmE
BuT dEn i ThInK abOuT wHo WuD tAkE mAh PLaCe
aNd dEm HoEs dOnT dEsErVe mY FamE

I hate when ppl get stuck in ur [buisness]So that they can get
the story & run back to tell all their friends.

ThE PEoPlE tHaTS tHe cLoSEsT tO yOu..AlWAys GraB ThA KnIfe
And StAb It rIghT thRouGh yOu WhEn YOu LeaSt ExPecT iT

¿WhY iS iT tHaT pEoPLe WiLL jUdGe YoU oN eVeRy AsPeCt Of YoUr LiFe?
BuT wEn u SaY hOw AbOuT TaKiN' a WaLk In My Sh0eS tHeY DnT wAnT 2

one smile :-D hides a thousand tears :'(

u look so good in love...
...i wish u still wanted me

eVeRyThiNg gEtS [ h0tTeR ]
wHeN thE sUn g0Es [ d0wN ]

[my] business dont concern you. . so unless you're my THONG. . .dont be up my ass!

PiMpoLoGy.PiMpEtTeS PrOfEsSiOn
» itS a wOmaNs wOrLd «
mEn r JuSs iN iT fOr The PleAsuRe

*CuTe EnOuGh To MaKe YoU LoOk TwIcE
*SwEeT EnOuGh BuT NoT ToO NiCe
*A LiL CrAzY BuT NoT ToO WiLd
*ThE KiNdA GirL ThAt WiLL MaKe YoU SmILe

fliick tha swiitch«---,
'---»liiqhtzS Out biitch xOo - - *

.-*-.KiSsAbLe LiPs -N- Pretty Blue eYeZ SeXy aZz N LuCiOuS ThiGhZ*BaBy iM WuT u FanTaSiZ!.-*

º • * º • * º • * º •
SoMe GiRlZ aRe liKe pEnNyZ...
[2 f A c E d & w O r T h L e S s]
* º • * • º * º • * º

Fat girls don't get belly rings, they get onion rings.

It's like I'm swimmin' in an ocean of   emotion
But still,  somehow   slowly goin' numb   inside
I don't l  ike who   I'm     becomin I  knOw I've
gotta do  somthin B4 my life passes  right by