Cute Quotes... Page Eighteen

Bitch why you gotta talk shit
You better shutup, back off and rewind it You think youre hotter?
What's with that? Cause bitch all you do is talk about what you lack

I got mad hoes hatin on me
Jus cause they jealous of what they see

See I jus act like me and it gets to you Itís like yíall know my name
better than I do

All you hataz can talk all the shit you want I donít give a fuck Iím
above ya level I gotta give it to yall,tryin to diss meTalkin madd shit
Jus cause ya miss me

Bitch, hoe, call me what you please. I aint the skank thatís always on
my knees.

PeOpLe tAlK a LiL tOo MucH...U nEvA kNo jUsS wHo 2 TrUst
YoUr ThE gReAtEsT tHiNg ThATs EvEr hApPeNeD tO mE tO eVeR bE
wItHoUt YoU iS sOmEtHiNg i CaNt sEe

tHIs TowN wE liVe iN iS a GoSsIp ZoNe teLL onE
sEcReT, [ bY oNe HoUr ],
iTs wElL kNown!

i DuN MeAn 2 PiSs yOo oFf WiT tHiNgS i MiTe sAy bUt
wHeN i TrY 2 sHuT
mY mOuTh iT CuMz oUt nE WaY

Im PrOuD oF eVeRyThInG i StAnD fOr n EvErYtHiNg I dO sO sAy U dOnT
LyK Me iLL LauGh n SaY AwW I LuV U 2

i ain`t a lil girl nOmOre
i`ve learned whO tO truzt `nd whO i shOod iqnOre
sum grlz dunnO a dam thang..a suitcase full Of drama iz bOut all dey

i`d lyke tO stik a dik in ya ear `nd fuq watchu heard talk is cheap

If those people only knew how much I disrespect them They'd thank
me for hiding it

If I got a hickey I'd tell my parents I burnt myself with the curling iron, I
do it all the timeÖ Maybe thatís why sluts curl their hair.

some things in life are worth waiting for, even if you have to wait
s0metimez i feel like my life aint w0rth livin..if it`s me against the w0rld
then i definetly aint winnin..

-tough people aren't born..they're made when no one is there for
them to wipe their tears-

Call me a slut,Call me a whore,Call me whatever,I've heard it
before,Say that i'm fake,Say that i lie,Say what you want,You wont see
me cry,Cuz i know none of its true.But Calling me all this shit..Ha What
the hell does that make you?

you hear this about me and you hear that about me. next time you
hear Something about me..stick your dick in your ear and fuck what
you heard