Cute Quotes... Page Seventeen

SiNgLe MaMi
sTaNdiN RiTe HeRe
NooNe 2 HoLd ThA HaNd
SmiLeZ OvA MaH CoVeReD TeaRz

Pushing myself to reach the top
Coming just short, but not gunna stop
Iíll keep climbing to show you
There ainít nuttin I canít do..!

yeah.. i think sOme otHer guys are cuTe
but everyTime i see a cute* guy i reminD
myself oh how cuTe`* you are and how
_ sweeT _ yOu are anD how you caN
|[ always ]| briGhten my day then all of a
suddEn that otHer guy... doesn't loOk so
'c u t e' anymore.. so i turN aNd loOk tHe
ę oTher waY ..

HoW c0mE y0u HaVe En0uGh TiMe t0 g0 oUt AnD mAkE oThEr Pe0pLe --Ľ FaLl In LoVe WiTh YoU, BuT y0u DoN't HaVe En0uGh TiMe To PaY aTtEnTi0n To ThE OnE wHo a l r e a d y d0eS?

Bitchy? yEah i mAy bE sLightLy . .
iTs juSs caUse idK hOw tO sAy
"fuCk yOo" poLitLey

sOmeTiMes pEopLe ( n E e D ) s.e.c.o.n.d cHanceS
cAuSe theY wErEn'T reaDy foR thE _firSt_

*StOp TrYiN tO jOqQ WhAt I rOcK
yOu'Re NeVa GoNnA bE NeAr As gOoD aS mE dA sTyLeS I cReAtE yOu
JuS iMiTaTe*

Joqqers leave You definitely aint wanted You haters steal my shit N
put your name on it
You tryiní to jock my style?
Please bitchÖ Iíll break ya like a nail file

*..I mAy nOt Be ThA sHaRpEsT cRaYoN iN dA BoX bUt I sUrE aM tHe PreTtiEsT..*

DoNt LeT My PrEtTy FaCe F0oL u iLL sTiK A bLaDe riTe
tHrU u aN aCt LiKe
i NeVa KnEw U

For all of the people who talk about me and think its affectin me Its
aight I jus sit back and think *Damn... Ive got myself a fanclub*

I love how my name Gets brought up at random These fuckin hoes I
canít stand em

i AiNt a MeAn pErSoN bUt iLL bE a BytCh rEaL qUiCk i MeAn y ShOuLd i
hAv rEsPeK fA tHeSe hOEz wEn aLL tHeY rEsPeK iS dicK?

Mad girls be comin through
N runnin their mouths about shit that aint true The shit you talkin is
none of ya business Only reason you talk is cause your man wanna hit

I'm tired of feelin like I don't matter Fuck you hataz it aint you I gotta
Y'all jus jealous cause I got wat you don't A guy that's down for me
and hurt me? Naw, he won't.