Cute Quotes... Page Sixteen

wHiLe Ur SiTTiN hOmE oNe NiGhT
ThiNkiN Of wHaT U cOuLdA hAd
iLL bE OuT HaViN fUn CuZ BaBy
** T h A t W a S u R B a D **

no doubt nelly`s tight
not to mention fine..
but nowhere near
numba 1 [- dat title`z mine -]

If the heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body, why is it so easy to break?

i nEed a lOvE thAtS gOnnA laSt 4eVa
fRoM jAn. 1st .. tiLL pAst NovEmbEr
wHen We'Re tOgeTheR wE alWayS hUgGin
liKe eVe .n. alIcIa i NeeD tHat GanGsTa LoViN
KnO BouT tHa GaMe n KnOz HoW tO BaLL
LiKe FaBoLouS He aiNt aFraiD 2
* t R a D e i T a L L *

i guess i'm d i f f e r e n t than the oLd me but y0u need tO accept and try t0 see that just because i'm nOt like bef0re yOu d0n't have tO hate me 0r ignOre s0 i'm sOrry if i'm different if i'm acting strange but like it 0r nOt P e O p L e * C h A n G e

iM aLL DaT n A BaG a cHiPs *waIt a seC 4get dat*im dA wHoLe ParTy MiX

i like the whole - - -> single party fun thing, but sumtimes i sure wouldn`t mind tha whole huggin holdin hands< - - im his g i r l thing!

.:** Callin me a bytch? i kno - i kno *
But in tha words of LuDaCrIs
* --> u*z a h 0 e **:.

DiAmoNdS R PrEtTy, So R pEarLs, BuT nOtHiNg CoMpArEs, 2 uS GeOrGiA gUrLz!

you think you`r all that and a bag of potato chips,
well listen up bitch..hear it straight,i`m all that and
a baq of skittles .. so taste the rainbow bitch

.:*I dont hate you.. or despise you.. i jus call you a whore, cuz it describes you*:.

.:*hush lil boys dont make a sound wen I walk by jus push it down*:.

.:*SuM sAy ImMa ByTcH...wElL yEaH, i MiGhT b
BuT i dOnT ReMeMBa aSkiN aNy oF yOu HoEz 2 LiKe mEe*:.

PpL Be SaYiN iMa BaD iNfLuEnCe
i SaY Da ..WorLdZ ScReWeD Up EnuFf
iM JuS AdDiN 2 iT..

i been weak & i been strong
i been thru tha fire & i been thru tha storm
try to do right & i know i do wrong
just be happy for me when my life is gone
cuz with no more hurt & no more tears
there will be no more pain & no more fears
no more people in my face that are not sincere
so smile for me when i'm no longer here

someone came up to her and asked wheres heaven?
she pointed to his arms and said right there *