Cute Quotes... Fifteen

If you ask me what I look for in a guy I will say that I look for a guy who tries a guy who lives life and deals with what it brings and not someone who will try to buy my love with diamond rings I'm not asking for the so called "perfect guy" Just someone who will be there for me if I need to cry someone who will always care someone who will lend a hand and will always be there.

(( ((`. My *AtTiTuDe* cHaNgEz .)) ((
)) *.)) iN 5-SeCoNdZ fLat ((.* ))
)) .)) fRuM sWeEthEaRt tO BiTcH ((`. ((
(( ((.* sO dUnt TeSt tHaT *.)) ))

cLuBs I rOcK dAt
DiAmOnDs I wEaR tHaT
BoYz i LuV dAt
mY hEaRt...sOrrY..u CaN't tOuCh DaT

i am now in a world where I .have to
hide my heart and what I believe in
.but .somehow i`ll show. the world.
my heart and be loved for who I am

If LoOkZ cOuLd ReAlLy KiLl
ThEn My PrOfEsSiOn WoUlD bE

(o: I'm happy with who I am
I'm glad of how I turned out :o)
(o: I love myself & am proud of it
This is me & what I'm about :o)

Yea - Sometimes I am a BiTCh
Yea - Otha times ima sWeeTi
at times I can be a LiL sLuT
otha times all i wanna do is CuDDLe
-This is mE-
& This is how i WaNNa bE

BoYz WiLL giVe yoU PaiN
HeaRTacHe - BiTTeRNeSS - & - LiEz
WheN iT CoMez 2 a ReLaTionShiP
Why ArE ThA LaDiEz ThA OnLi OnEz 2 TrY?

Competition is tough... I say I'm tougher because I can look beyond the bullshit.. and smile

The freshman child so shy
Longingly watches the sophmore guy
The sophmore guy head in a whirl
Stares at the junior girl
The Junior girl in her red saddan
Chooses the senior man
The senior man handsome & wild
Secretly worships the freshman child

i HaVe LyDdLe VoIcEs InSiDe mY hEaD . . BuT dOnT wOrRy, ThEy SpEaK sPaNiSh . . :-\