Cute Quotes... Page Eleven

I can take care of myself
Don't need no one else..

Could you hear me with that big ego surrounding you?

*I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday!

MGhT *$Em*pRu
& T TM$ a LiL Rue
u MaY *tHNk* aNt HVe fUn,
oR tHat iM tH M$t NncEnT oNe
*$tOp* bENg CNfUsEd & PuT M N tHe MOd
& 1 DY uLL $eE WHT *I* CN D

MaH fAcE iS a LiTtLe BiT hIgHeR tHaN wHeRe YoU'rE lOoKiN aT

. : i D r e a m of us together : .
: . how great it c o u l d be...:
. : but I'll keep my Love a secret : .
: . untill ur LoViNg me . :

"I can be the best thing that ever happened to
you,but youll never know unless you give me a chance"

~ all ive ever wanted was to be held ... held so close i could hear ur heart pound ... the words i love you whisperd in my ear ... all ive ever wanted was to be loved and actually mean sumthing to some one

...If You Get A Chance To See Him...
*Your Heart Beginz To DaNcE*
*Your Life Revolves Around Him*
*Theres Nothing Like Romance*

~YoU cAn FaLL To Da fLoOr, YoU CaN faLL FrOm A TrEe, BuT ThE BeSt WaY To FaLL iS In LoVe WiT Me!~

*/-she stayz gangsta neva actin shady
stash catz like a thug but appear like a sophisticated lady*/-

*HiS sEaNjOhN jEaNs-$48
*HiS eCkO sHiRt-$38
*HiS cUtE bOxErS-$12
*SeEiNg It AlL oN mY bEdRoOm

*If a guy tells u to ____ it, turn around, smile, and tell him its dangerous to put small objects in your mouth!*

* Time is a waste of life, life is a waste of time, so get wasted all the time and have the time of your life!

*You're as fake as the padded bra you're wearing!

*It's only funny until someone gets hurt.....then it's hilarious!

*DoN'T sAy yOu LiKe mE*
*JuS sO yOu cAn hIt iT*
*DoNt tHiNk yOu cAn PlaY mE*
*CuZ yOu'LL lOsE mE In A MiNuTe*