Cute Quotes... Page One

.·:* Those nights
*:·. When u can't fall asleep...
·: * Maybe its because ur
*:·. In someone else's
.·:* D r e a m s

-*-I wish that I could tell him how I feel, I wish I wish I wouldnt worry bout wat everyone else thinkz, I wish he would juss love me back, *N* I wish that everything would have a happy endin.. ~((¤°»BuT«°¤))~ EvErYoNe has a dream.. rite?¿-*-

Ur My AnGeL fRoM uP aBoVe
i WaS sHoT bY uR aRRoW -n- NoW iM iN LoVe
WiT a ThOuSaNd StArS aLL iN tHe SkY
My FaVoRiTeS r ThE oNeS tHaT sPaRkLe iN uR eYeS
u'LL hAvE mY hEaRt FoReVeR wiTh aLL mY LoVe
WeRe MeAnT tO bE 2gEtHeR

i DoNt ReGrEt ThE tHiNgS i HaVe DoNe
Or ThE tHiNgS i HaVe ChOsEn NoT 2 dO
b CuZ wAt EvA i'Ve DoNe, i MuSt hAvE dOnE sUmThiN riTe
B cUz i EnDeD uP wiT u

GiVe Me An AnSwEr
GiVe Me A sIgN
SoMeOnE pLeAsE tElL mE
wHeN uR gOnNa Be MiNe x3

i waNnA b Da 1 daT paSseS By & pUtz yA heaD iN a wHirL & wEn u w/ dA bOyz u pOint LyK 'yEa sHeS mY baBiigirL'

I cHaNgE mA gAmE nOw & ThEn
ScReW tHeM hAtErZ iM bAcK aGaIn
ShOrTy So fLy It MuSt Be A sIn
If A dUdE dOnT lYk Me....
[~>he mUst LYke mEn

wOuldn`t lyFe Be *w O n D e R f U l*
iF sweatpantS were sexii - - > mOnday
mOrninGs were fun >> if junk fOod haD
nO calOries . . aLl kiSseS were M a G i C a L

if i fall...would you catch me?
if i cry...will u wipe the tears?
if dance...will u dance with me?
if i love you...will you love me?

your candii lips and your bubble gum tongue..
boy i want a taste of your yummy sweet wuv..

I wish I could find the guy I can come up to with
my hair a mess, my make-up running down my face
my eyes still red from crying and he stills says to me
Babi ur beautiful

You know that feeling you get
When you think about that ..:> OnE SpeCiaL PeRson <:..
And you get that >: L0ok iN uR EyeS :<
ThA SIcK-HapPy FEeLiNG in Ur ::* stomach *::
///\\\ YaH, ThATs whA I FeeL..///\\\

yoU CauGhT mY eYe...
CAn i HAvE iT baCk PleASe?