Clubbin Quotes... Page One

We WaS On ThE fLoOr
aLL NiTe LoNg
DaNcIn TiL dA BrEaK oF DaWn
I fLiCkEd mAh CeLL
To ChEcK ThE TiMe
& I rEaLiZeD ThE wHoLe NiGhT...
YoU wAz aLL MiNe

.*).) ReAdY 2 MaKe aN EnTrAnCe .*).)
.*).) So BaCK the FukK uP.*).)
.*).) CuZ u KnOw DiS HuNniE .*).)
.*).) BoUt 2 TeAr thiS pLaCe uP .*).)

*mOViN oN tHe DaNcE fLoOr
BuMpIn & gRiNdIn
iM dAnCiN wIt uR MaN
aNd He AiNt mInDiN*

In Da cLub ShAkIn MaH AsS
RoLLiN ShAkIn ViBrAtIn FaSt
aLL ThEm GuYs WaTcHiN Me Go
mY bOoTy DrOpPiN
aLL ThE WaY To ThE FloOr

|cum a lil closer|
|while we grindin' on the dance floor|
|oOoOo babi|
|gimmie sum more|

Wanna get *RoWdY*
Gonna get a little *UnRuLy*
Get it *FiReD Up* in a hurry
Wanna get *DiRtY*
Its about time that i came to start the *PaRtY*

*. TiGhT HiP HuGgErS .*
*. LoW FoR SuRe .*
*. ShAkE a LiL SuMtHiN .*
*. On ThE fLoOr .*

TuRn Up Da MuSiC n*
WaTcH mE DaNcE

CoMe AwAy WiTh Me
To My LaNd Of XTC
We CaN dRoP EvErY DaY
DaNcE ThE NiGhT AwAy
So FoLLoW Me To A pLaCe BeYoNd OuR DrEaMz
WhErE NoThiN Is aS iT SeEmZ

I GoT tHe HiPs MoViN RiGhT
NoW iM iN dA SpOtLiGhT
ShAkIn My AsS
gUrLz TaKiN nOtEs LyKe DeY iN cLaSs

FuNkY FrEsH dReSsEd 2 iMpReSs
ReAdY 2 *P a R t Y*

Of CoUrSe I hAvE aN aTtiTuDe...I'm a DaNcEr