Away Messages... Page Three

(youR SN) WaS KiLLeD oN FRiDay aT 7PM,

CoMPuTeRS: WeLL..iT FReeZeS uP
oN Me, iT PLayS

aCCeSS DeNieD--NaH NaH Na NaH NaH!

SCieNTiSTS Say 1 ouT oF eVeRy 4 PeoPLe
iS CRaZy, CHeCK 3 FRieNDS,
iF THey aRe oK, you'Re iT.

Hey you'Ve ReaCHeD THe oNLiNe
SiNS...To HeaR aLL oF MiNe...PReSS
aLT-F4...C u THeRe

i HaD To Be LiKe a BaLL aND BouNCe!

THe TRee ouTSiDe LooKS LoNeLy,
i aM GoNNa Go GiVe iT a HuG!

I am currently On the rooftop watching a psycological prostitute have crazy wild anal sex with a money..try and catch me later .

Im gettin *Un DrEsSeD* ;-) n MaKiNG My TeEtH LoOk Bueatiful! :-D yes thats right baby im brushing them teeth!..sumthin u outta think bout doin sometime..well if u would like to talk to me ur just gunna have to wait cause i gotta mouth full over here .. haha dont go nowhere!~ ill be right back~!

ZZZZZ... DoNT u WiSH u WeRe
My TeDDy BeaR..THeN u WouLD Be
SLeePiN WiT Me RyTe NoW!!!

In the mouth and through the gums, watch out tummy here it comes.

* Hey I'll be back in 5 minutes and if I'm not... wait longer

* How dry I am, how wet I'll be, if you don't stop, IMing me. You got offline, now I'm heading for the door... oops it's to's on the bathroom floor.

Holla Back Youngin.. WOOWOO!!!!!!!

d, ' k t.

yum! its ooey, gooey, warm, and feels so good going down...i love the taste and can barely contain myself when i grab hold and bring my mouth close...oh! i love grilled cheese :o) .

Last night as i lay in my bed looking at the sky i thought. Were the f*ck did my ciling go?

Slowly but surly the penguins steal my sanity, but i shall return! Sprinkles!! .

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO QRSTUVWXYZ If your wondering where the P is... its about to run down my leg in a second.

HoW CaN u MiSS Me iF i DoNT Go aWay?