Away Messages... Page One

Whoever invented the idea of eating 3 meals a day deserves to be rewarded... food is incredible .


If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it? Try to figure that out while I am away

If water was Vodka Id be a duck, Id swim in my bathtubb and never come up. But waters not Vodka and Im not a duck so leave me alone and shut the f*ck up! .

hey i lost ma heart n went to look 4 it, if u find it b4 i do, pleaze dont break it! thanx buh bye .

Gotta question 4 u 2 think about while Im away and i need ur answer becuz iz 4 US History class and im really stupid at all subjects accept 4 lunch :o).. ok here it goes ~clears throat~ what color is george washingtons white horse??? hmmmmm... damn this question is hard now that i think about it but i guess its purple ...wutz ur answer? .

Rubber Duck, your the one, you make my bath time so much fun!.... ...In case you didnt get the picture, Im taking a shower :) .

With my 24" telescope i can see far away galaxies, planetary nebulas, and right into your window. .

Sorry I cant talk to you right now....I am currently in the process of plotting a way to take over the world....then I will figure out how to bring down Kentucky Fried Chicken....and finally I will eliminate green beans forever....t may be a while so dont get your panties in a bunch while holding your horses....

get off the ground, soar all around, don't want to be found, where sky isn't a limit, and any barrier you can trim it, and your hope... just don't dim it,

o0O s o o n e r t h a n y o u O0o
o0O i l l b e b a c k i n a O0o

Oh My Oh Me. I have to pee! But someone stole the bathroom door key. I found the key. But wheres the door? I found the door! Oh wait to Late. Its on the floor. .

aLL aWay, DoeSN'T iT?

My heart beats peanut butter and jelly for you, %n.

Hey Sexi.... What ya gunna do im not here but dont worry i will be missin you terribly... leav eme sumthen sweet!:-* .

Slowly but surly the penguins steal my sanity, but i shall return! Sprinkles!!

goiing too the m a L L
got some $ $ money $

* I am on a seafood diet right now, when I see food, I eat it!

fried chicken....

~*One Life Live It Up*~

Hey %n, Im out like a horny b1tches nipples.