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Chang's Site

A little bout me

Some links I like

Jet Li's website
band site thingy
Lord of the Rings site
a place to see movies

Wad up. This is Chang's first site. Sorry if it looks like crap cause I don't have a lot of time to make this thing. A bit bout myself. I'm Chinese and I can make a lot of rice in 20 minutes. I like anime a lot. I also like to watch chinese martial arts movies. I really like Jet Li, and Bruce Lee movies. I play in my school'd drumline and I'm sorta good at it. I like to hang out with my homies and I like to listen to music. I like Hilary Duff cause she issoooooooo freakin hot. I like Jet Li movies. I live in a small city that history has forgotten. If yea wana e-mail me cause you just wana say hey, my e-mail address is Since I can't think of anythin else to say I guess I'll see yea lata. I'll update this site when I get the chance.