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As a holder of the Jesse Jackson RaceCard, you are granted exemption from ALL crimes commited against Whitey. You could also use your Race Card to apply for jobs in which you have zero qualifications. No training? No education? No experience? NO PROBLEM! get the job simply because you have the know-hows on playing the Race Card!
With government funded programs like 'Affirmative Action' and the power of the Jesse Jackson Race Card, Blacks can finally get someplace in life. We certainly lack the brain power to reach these places alone. So take advantage of White guilt, and apply for the Jesse Jackson Race Card now!!!* Sign Up!

Anonymous -
" I dropped out skhool when I was 15. I never had a job, lived off uh welfare and smoke crack everyday. But, after getting my Race Card, I went and tried for a job at at a huge cumputer programming bizness. I walk in, waved my race card in Whiteys face, and got the job as prezident! of the company! And I don't even know shit 'bout cumputers!! Thanks Mr. jackson! "
O.J. Simpson -
"I done killed my estranged, white, wife and her new white boyfriend. I went to trial and Whitey gave me some problems in court, but in the end the Race Card really saved my black ass. Every nigga should have one! "
Tyrone -
" Shit, nigga...I got me my card and went out and raped me some white bitches and killed me some of dem honkeys. but its all good... I gots me a Race Card. Yo, Yo, wud up! Shout out to my dealer Jamal Brown in Detroit! Yo, Yo! "

* White-niggers are not eligible.