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Saturday, July 13, 2002 family party wasn't so bad after all!! haha kinda sucked in the beginning kus hardly anyone was there and all I had to talk to was my tita lisa who questioned me about college and majors. oh dear, never go there!! sat around for a while, ate, went online and saw aaron online. hmm now, let's see. aaron's at home and his sisters at the party. not cool!! so my persuading worked. I knew the eggrolls would lure u here!! ahah. too bad there was none left by the time u came though =P. so yea, cleared everything up with my hubbie and decided to eat, AGAIN. haha. damn, my second time eating. eating kinda makes u happy though!! haha. so I watched them play DDR and my sister persuaded me to play - BY MYSELF. yea right!! so I just sat and watched the lil kids play some game and I decide to play w/ the arts and crafts stuff. haha, desperate times call for desperate measure XP. by the time I opened the glue aaron came!! yay, bye bye insanity. haha.

so yea, we just chit chatted for a while, got introduced to his little sister, anna, whom may I add is very adorable and thought I was 16 =D. yay I look older than aaron. bwahaha. shot some 'hoops' with my 'papa dOokz' haha and yea. talked about the lil kids and how this girl looked like anne frank, which led to the saggy boobies in slow motion in that movie X[. pretty scary haha. how this guy had a rash on his butt kus he kept on scratching it. how these two girls found such amusement on five second fire sparky things. dude, just get a match or better yet, look at the grill!! haha. so yeah, talked for at least an hour and sister tells me we're going home kus she's going bowling. grr!! how much I wanted a loot bag =(. im home alone now. I kinda like being home alone though. no one's bitching at me and I feel stress free. this day wasn't half bad =). [wanna see something sweet? click this]

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Friday, July 12, 2002 russell came over yesterday!! the usual watch a movie, order pizza, online type of thing. only this time the pizza cost us $21.11 all together. haha, yes we are pigs!! we payed $1.11 all in change XP. oh yea, we're cool. haha.

today I actually got outta the house without a girl!! I made it!! haha. so billy, russell & mark picked me up around seven ish while my dad wasn't home, thank GOD. we went to russell's first so he kud change and left for menlo. on the way we saw this car that rolled backwards off the hill thing? the middle thing between the parkways!! I have no idea what kinda car it was, but wow so much dust in the air XP. hehe. so we ate some cajun, icecream and bounced to billy's. on the way we passed the movie theatres and bumped into djorella. we got to billy's, played the piano, dropped djorella home and picked up billy's mom. ahh his mommys so scary X[. we were all scared and she said, "did billy train u guys not to talk to me? what's wrong dee? you lost your tongue?" haha all good. so we dropped her off, picked djorella back up and dropped me off. what a day. i've been thinking lately, and I guess I will let him go. as much as I DO want him w/ me, im just gonna be bottled up with all this guiltyness. I took a survey and majority points to:

rhey's SN: aww.. yeah u don't want him to get mad or something and say that ur always hogging him

mark's SN: well, I do trust liz
mark's SN: I wouldn't mind

ej's SN: last week I did that

gaston's SN: hey.. aren't we all jess looking for da word trust.. hehe
gaston's SN: but then again.. it's not dat we don't trust our boy/gurl.. it's juss dat we don't trust da pplez around them right??

melissa's SN: yeah probably.. if its just with the guys.. but if gurls included, nah

robby's SN: I would, but then all those other guys is what i'd have to worry about

jaz's SN: yes.. but i'd make him take his celly w/ him so I kud kall him every few minutes or seconds
jaz's SN: yes.. I would let him go.. but seriously bring a cellie so HE could call me.. you should hint that

jay's SN: no wayyyyyy
jay's SN: buh 1 ting fa sho ish dat I wouldn't leave ma girl behind if she couldn't go
jay's SN: den tah hell wit it i'll stay rite by her side
jay's SN: ^_^
jay's SN: do i get an A+?

joann's SN: only if he went with his boys

andrew's SN: mee?? personally... nooo..
andrew's SN: I don't think I would...
andrew's SN: I don't kno..

asia's SN: helllll nOooOooooOooo!!
asia's SN: mMmmz.. let's see.. alright ok give him a chance then see what happens

jay's SN: o well hope he has a blast =P
jay's SN: well since yur lettin him go.. go out as well, eben it out a bit wouldn't ya say

what more can I say? I love you guys!! thanks for the umm, assurance? is that the word? haha, well that word that makes me feel all cleared up now and stuff, helping me realize it's not the end of the world!! haha and yea, looks like dee's gonna be pigging out tomorrow XP. gah, what larks!!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002 okai fine. russell said my first LiLO & STiTCH layout was nicer than the one I have now =P. so i'll use this one instead since he won't bother to use it. I think it's nicer than the one you have now too russell!! bwahaha. kidding kidding. so hmm, today my love comes back from canada. yay!! I survived three whole days straight. hehe, tomorrow he's supposed to come over *crosses fingers*. on friday I really wanna watch "halloween resurrection". it looks really good.

I was peepin this chicks trail and it occured to me that some fat people have really skinny legs. haha, okay I know that was mean, but hey it's a compliment isn't it? grr well yea, that's not fair!! haha. I mean, maybe the fat just settles in the stomach? or maybe it was the angle the picture was taken. I don't know!! but ahhh. haha I guess my fat goes to my uhh, legs? dammit I want skinny legs!!

I was talking to my ate joanna this morning and she asked me if russell went to washington, the elementary school. it turns out they used to be classmates back in the day. haha aww, little FAT russell. my mini piggy!! oink oink. hehe, kidding =).

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