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Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized, forcibly medicated, or murdered.

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America's Secret Government


Amityville Horror – The Night The Government Murdered The DeFeos (Group)


Amityville Horror - The Night The Government Murdered The DeFeos (Page)


Government Social Engineering


Government Tampering With Christianity


How The Government Really Defeated Organized Crime (The Mob)


Government Covertly Fighting America’s Second Civil War


Pied Piper of Amityville


Star Trek’s Tantalus Field Has Been Invented By The Government


Artificial Schizophrenia


Haunted Houses Are Government Hoaxes


How The Government Really Defeated The White Man


High-Tech Government Harassment (Group)


High-Tech Government Harassment (Page)


Classified United States Government Technology


The Government Can See Thru Walls


The Government Can Kill People Thru Walls


UFOs Are Government Hoaxes


Sonic Weapons