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Free Christian Sheet Music

“Where the Spirit of Worldwide Revival Lives!”

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The following is a list of Free Christian Sheet Music sites.

Many of the sites listed have both chords and lyrics for the many different styles of Christian worship. (Gospel, Praise, Hymns, Country & Contemporary). They may also have sheet music for different types of instruments. (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Horns, Harmonica etc.). To view sites please scroll down to the very bottom of this page and, please...

Feel free to Bookmark the sites that you find helpful.


How To Use This Site

The sheet music sites at the bottom of this page have been broken down by their basic categories to make it easy for you to use. If you are looking for a particular song and do not find the sheet music you are looking for on one link, please continue to check the other links listed on this page. For example: you may not find the song you are looking for in the Praise section, but you might find it in the Contemporary Christian Music section.

Also, if you are looking for the music to a more contemporary song, it would be best to know the artist who wrote or popularized the song first, and then look for the song under the artists name. For example: in order to find the music for "We Will Dance", look under “R” for David Ruis in the Contemporary Christian Music section, then click on his name, and then click on the title of that particular song.


If you cannot find the actual
Free Christian Sheet Music you are looking for...

Matthew 21:3

Post your request on our New Free Christian Sheet Music bulletin board and a fellow poster may get back to you. Just [CLICK HERE] and when you arrive click on the forum name that fits your needs. We have many different forums requesting not only Real Notation sheet music but also Chords and Tabs and specialized forums for such things as... Strings, Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion

Also, please remember that as you visit and re-visit this new request site, if you have the actual sheet music or chords requested by your fellow posters - please remember to answer them.


If however, you are in a hurry and cannot write out your request on our new bulletin board or check all the sites on these web pages.

You can take your chances and [CLICK HERE] and let the GOOGLE SEARH ENGINE search for you. This is a GOOD quick way to search the web, but you may have to narrow your search a little bit. For example... if you were looking for the above example of “We Will Dance” by David Ruiz - if you use GOOGLE - you may have to put the title in quotation marks (as well as the authors last name - in some cases), but do both separately (in the same box!) like this [“We Will Dance” “Ruiz”] (remember both in separate quotations in the SAME box). Brothers and Sisters, I have found many Christian songs on the web doing just this - without having to search through all the archives!, but for some songs you will have to search through them.


Also brothers and sisters, if you are a recording artist please consider recording some of the music found in the old historic sheet music collections listed on this site. I have a feeling that there are a lot of lost gems in those collections.


Also remember, as you view the sites, you may find that some sites have music written in a "Tab" type form of musical notation. If you are not familiar with that type of notation I have included links to tab instructional pages which are listed under the heading " “Other Helpful Sites”.


The main purpose of this site is to bring Glory to God by providing His people access to the music that was inspired, and FREELY given to them by the Spirit of the Living God.

"Freely you have received, freely give." Matthew 10:8


Praise & Worship

"In that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David" Amos 9:11

Note: The fallen booth (Tent / Tabernacle) of David is not the Tabernacle of Moses, nor is it the "palace" of David, and it's certainly something more than and something different than the House of David. David, the musicians, tent was a tent of Praise & Worship, not a tent of CCM! (or CHM, if there was such a thing) (See 1 Chronicles 16:1,4,6,29.36 & 42)

Dear brothers and sisters, God truly longs for the days of that singular tent of David. Not today’s tents of professionalism, entertainment, fanfare or a musicians self gratifying performance! God longs for the days where the congregation is not called an audience, and the platform is not called the stage! He does not want a show! The Lord wants anointed musicians who will lay down their lives to help bring His church into His holy presence. And He’s going to do it through Praise & Worship! And He's going to do it through... YOU.

Help rebuild the fallen praise tent of David in your local church!

God promises to restore it in the last days (Amos 9:11).

Be part of it !

Articles on the Tabernacle of David

Tabernacle of David.. (Part One)
Tabernacle of David.. (Part Two)
Tabernacle of David (Part Three)


And Remember...

If you can’t raise your hands to it, it probably isn’t praise and worship.


If you can’t dance joyfully to it, it’s probably not a melody of the heart either.


For a Discussion and Exhortation on

Worship music, Celebration music, the Different Genres and Melodies,

as well as the Spirit of Balaam in the church today

Click Here (for Part 1)

Click Here (for Part 2)

Click Here (for Part 3)


Praise & Worship Sites (that rarely Update)

Please add to your “Favorite Places” the sites that are helpful to you

Praise & Worship... (Part One)

An old site with a lot of good songs

Praise & Worship ...(Part Two)

“The TIU Worship Archive”

Praise & Worship. (Part Three)


Praise & Worship...(Part Four)

“My Worship Page”

A two part site with some “rarer” songs

for Part 1 of this site click here

for Part 2 of this site click here

Praise & Worship... (Part Five)

“The Shadow of His Wings”

A site with some older praise songs

Praise & Worship..... (Part Six)

“Christian Guitar Network”

(formally “Jars of Christian Gutiar Tabs”...JOCGT)

A site with VERY accurate chords

Praise & Worship... (Part Seven)

“Seek the”

A site with songs from the 70’s and 80’s

Praise & Worship... (Part Eight)

A site with some traditional notation sheet music

Scroll Down

Praise & Worship Sites (that Update)

Please add to your “Favorite Places” the sites that are helpful to you

Praise & Worship... (Part One)

“Higher Praise”

The best overall site around

Praise & Worship ...(Part Two)


The Second best site around

Praise & Worship (Part Three)

“Christian Guitar Resources”

The Third best site around

Praise & Worship.. (Part Four)

“The AIM Mission Site ”

The Site AIM Missionaries Use

Praise & Worship... (Part Five)


One of my favorite sites

Praise & Worship..... (Part Six)


A site with overheads

Praise & Worship (Part Seven)


Another site with overheads

Praise & Worship. (Part Eight)

“Split Infinity”

A site with key transposing help

Praise & Worship... (Part Nine)


Scroll down to bottom of page

Praise & Worship... (Part Ten)

Ellen Ah-Jeon Kim’s Site

Praise & Worship... (Part Eleven)


Praise & Worship... (Part Twelve)

“The Christian Music web”

Praise & Worship. (Part Thirteen)


Praise & Worship (Part Fourteen)


Praise & Worship (Part Fifteen)

“Jake’s Page”

Praise & Worship (Part Sixteen)


Praise & Worship (Part Seventeen)

“The Gospel Music Archive”

A site with older more traditional songs

Praise & Worship (Part Eighteen)

“Eileen’s Song Archive”

Praise & Worship (Part Nineteen)

“Sean's song repository”


Kids Songs
Please add to your “Favorite Places” the sites that are helpful to you

Praise & Worship... (Part One)
Praise & Worship... (Part Two)
Praise & Worship. (Part Three)

Please Note: Songs of Petition ( e.g. Let Your Glory Fall ) are not usually Songs of Praise & Worship ( e.g. Yahweh ). While there are similarities in both type of songs, there are also - as you know - distinct differences in emphasis. If you are a worship leader please make sure your weekly “set list” contains not just Songs of Petition, but also a good amount of Praise & Worship!!! Why? Because when we Praise & Worship the Lord, the presence of the Lord decends and great and wonderful things begin to happen in our lives, in the lives of others and in the service!!!

For More Praise & Worship Sites - Including Hillsongs...

Click Here

If you are looking for sheet music for Hymns, Gospel & Old Spirituals

Click Here

If you are looking for sheet music for Contemporary Christian Music

and the reason I include these sites here is because
most these sites contain Praise and Worship Music.

Click Here

If your Worship Team is looking for New Praise, Worship & Petition songs ...

The easy way to manage all the Old / New Song Suggestions on this site. This index contains links to the current worship charts, 8 pages of Older song suggestions (from the 1600’s - 1980’s), plus 5 pages of Newer song suggestions (from the 1990’s). as well as Song Suggestions for the 2000’s. It also contains a link to some Free Unasked for Worship Team Advise (did I say worship team?). As well as a link to some CD’s for Your Worship Team that are Worth the Money .

For The Worship Team Home Page

Click Here

For the tabs to the Praise and Worship album that sparked many a renewal...

...and the untold story of Toronto

Click Here

If your looking for Free Christmas Sheet Music sites.

Click Here

If you are looking for sheet music for Christian Bass Guitar

Click Here

For Free Christian Sheet Music Part II

Click Here

and Please...

Play Songs that Help People
Worship in the Spirit (John 4:24)

(Not the Flesh)

and Worship in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24)

(That is Real, Genuine, Unadulterated Worship)

“...for such people the Father seeks...” (John 4:23)

An Individuals Quest for
the Melody of a Redeemed Heart’

(Ephesians 5:19)

A Warning

to all Worship Teams

Click Here

Biblical Truths
(That will Spark)
Worldwide Revival

Bible Doctrine

The way it was meant to be taught

Click Here

Divorce and Remarriage

What the Bible Really says about it.

Click Here

Poverty in America

Millions Live in Poverty

Is There an Answer?

Click Here

Have you sinned - as a Christian - and
need to hear about God's Mercy?

Then Please...

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And Let The Lord God, Who Loves You, Heal You

So, You Want to be an Evangelistic
Musician on the Streets of a Big City?

Pray, before you...

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I'm Serious.

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