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About Us

Our business is dedicated to giving the customer the best possible deal with the least amount of headaches for their automobile buying experience. People rate car shopping/buying as one of their least favorite activities, because of all of the hassles involved. The pushy salespeople, different dealership prices and inventory availability all contribute to not making their shopping experience pleasant. Our website allows dealerships to post their available inventory so that potential buyers can see it. By doing this, it will negate the need for a large team of salespeople, allowing dealerships to save on staffing costs. In turn, the savings will be passed onto the consumer in the form of a competitively priced automobile. This virtual "showroom" will be open 24/7 and will have a fraction of the costs associated with operating a normal car dealership. Also, customers will be able to search dealerships from across the country in pursuit of their dream car. Our website is not just limited to new cars, but can also offer used cars as well. We are also exploring the idea of offering automobile insurance rates through our website as well, as we try to be a one stop shopping site for car buyers.