~>Wrestling Flashback<~
~~~Months ago at a PCW event promo, Master of Disaster was here at the brooklyn bridge when he tossed over the PCW Heavyweight Championship. He claimed there was no use to hold such a worthless peice of gold. He had never in his wildest dreams thought he would care so less for a Heavyweight Championship. But there he went and tossed the gold over to the river below. Seconds later he would then be tossed over as well, and be left for dead by a masked man. To this day he has Never been heard of...~~~

~~~Here we are at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. We See LeX Stream sitting on the railing with a camera man filming him before he makes a bungee jump. Lex Stares into the Camera before he jumps and says a few words while the intructor and advisor make sure everything is secure~~~

LeX Stream-Dude, what's up PCW. Here i am about ready to do one of the most extreme and heart pounding form of thrill this country has to offer. I'm about to bengee jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge, the first man to ever do so, thanks to the approval of Mayor Bloomberg. I'm just here to show you all that i live up to my name of L' Extreme. And that i'll bring the Xtreme to the ring.

Advisor-Ok, Lex. We've checked everything, and you are good to go.

~~~He then stands up on the railing, and takes a deep breath. The sun shines on Lex, the birds chirp as if they are cheering him on. All seems well. He then jumps off as the bungee cord stretches, the worst happens and its as if everything stops for just a second. LeX Stream falls continuously and then crashes down to the river. The camera then focuses in on the Advisor who is holding a pair of Hedge Clippers. He takes off his hat, and rips off his disguise. The Camera ZOOMS in, as the long blonde hair flows out of the hat. IT'S MASTER OF DISASTER! MELGAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!~~~

Master of Disaster-What the hell? I thought i would be able to hear the damn splash from up here. Ahh! Damnit! Oh well, hope he enjoyed it as much as i did a few months ago. LeX Stream was a waste of talent anyways. Now me over here on the other hand. I'm something special. The longest reigning heavyweight champion to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. Oh you don't beleive me? Why not ask Z..he'll tell you its true. After all he was the one that ended my reign. Which by the way i will get revenge one day soon. But before i get there, i figure i could replace Lex in his debut match and turn it into my WIWA debut. Me against Taelia. God what a bitch. I think i remember talking to her a few months ago before i "died" over this bridge. That slut, putting moves on me knowing i was an engaged man. How could she...seriously. That's sickening. Us men should not be treated as objects. Sure we return the favor by staring at you ladies as if you are objects, and don't say we don't because we do. Unless their gay or simply retarded. I Could care less what your boyfriend tells you. But Taelia, i'm not one to argue at the moment. I just want to tell you, and the fans this will be one quick and simple match. You slap me in the face, i kick you in the stomach. Complete Annihilation, then BOOM. Uno, Dos, Tres...And there you have it. Everyone walks home happy. Me with a win, the fans having their sexy beast of a hero wrestler back, and you're beautiful ass and chest layed out unconscience in the ring. And beleive me when i tell you that, you really will be...

Completly Annihilated!

~~~He smiles at the camera, and then the scene fades~~~