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Dateline July 17th 2003 Jen & Ben

I missed the first few minutes of dateline but I did get most of the transcript.
Internet Magazine

Pat: So another couple may have briefly stolen their thunder. How happy were you when ashton kutcher an demi started dating?

Elated, I'm looking for more. I'm trying to drum that up. I'm calling the tabloids like have you guys heard about kirk douglas and mandy moore are dating? I sort of anticipated that. I figured okay, there would be a certain amount of attention this would getnd something else would come along that would be newer, tabloid fodder.

Pat: Wisul thinking, ben. Expect a whole new round of buzz when the two walk the red carpet as co-stars for the first time. When "gigli" has its world premier next week.

Read to me, larry.

Oh, come on, larry, read to him.

I've got nothing here.

You don't have a book?

For well over a century the adventurous flavor of tobasco sauce has fired up generations of thrill seekers.

That was good.

Pat: Since becoming what some have labeled theenfer show, ben affleck and jennifer lopez have seen their impressive status and earning power rise even more. This year both cracked the top ten of forbes celrity hottest 10 ben at number 7, jennifer at number 5. Although according to the magazine, he outrned his fiancee last year $36 million to her $29. And that can buy a lot of bling-bling.

Even if you were broke, my love don't cost a tng

But ben says don't believe those stories about his lghish spending habits. Though there's no denying he went all out on that 6.1carat pink diamond engagement ring.

What is the most extraf extravagant thick you bought her?

I would say the ring.

There are all these car rumors.

I have like 8,000 cars. Where are all the cars? I'm sure I'm the number one car jacker target. The car jackers are disappoied. They're staking out my house like where are all the cars?

These two super rich superstars say their middle class background brought them together. At heart he's just a kid fro bean town. And she's, well, you know.

Used to have a little, now i have a lot

no matter where i go i know where i came from

You and ben are from kind of the same backgrounds. Does that work for you?

We reall connect on that level, you know. I can say this is how we spent ristmas or this is how we did new year's, and he's like yeah, that's what we did, too.


Their drive is another thing they have in common. Both have put in years of hard work to get to where they are now. Affleck grew up in a working-class neighborhood outside of boston. His father, a part-time actor who worked odd jobs to make ends meet. His mother a school teacher. They split up when he was 11 years old.

Hi, I'm ben affleck.

Pat: By then he was already in show business. Landing a role at age 8 in the pbs series "the voyage of the mimi.

Sir, could you please show me where the mimi is docked.

Pat: The child actor eventually graduated to adult parts.

Oh, that's it, i [Bleep] Saw that, you little [Bleep]

In independent films like "dazed and confused," and " chasing amy."

I love you, but not in a friendly way.

Pat: Then in 1998, the big break that's become legend in hollywood. That oscar for "good will hunting" and the clout that came with it. Within a few years, ben affleck was one of hollywood's highest paid actors. The former indy guy was now the heroic leading man in films like "armageddon," "pearl harbor," and "daredevil."

Hi, how you doing.

Pat: And the 30-year-old actor say it's those blockbuster movi that allow him too other films like "gigli," for which he is earning a cool $12.5 million.

How can I help?

Rod needs a twist. The individual needs toe touched in some manner as to convince him of the error of ways before he can hurt other people. You're following all this?

Yeah, all of it. All of it.

The pattern in terms of doing one kind o movie to afford myself the opportunity to do another, more interesting, less obvious kind of movie. They're the kind of movies that people typically don't want to take chances on unless the feel like they have somebody who was just in a hit movie, you know what i mean?

Pat: Jennifer lopez entered show business a little later in life than her fiancee. She grew up middle class one of three sisters. Her dad a computer programmer, and her mom, just like her fiancees, a school teacher. Jennifer trained as a dancer, and was a bronx girl barely out of her teens when she g her first big break in 1990, selected to be one of the fly girls on the television show "in living color"." She broke into the movies at age 25, with a luminous debut in mi familia, but it was the lead role in "celina" thateally got her noticed. E's been working steadily in lms ever since. Proving she can play everything from an abused we in "enough," to a real life cinderella in "manhattan."

There's millions of women just dieing for you to look their way.

Why are you making me work so hard?

Pat: Movies, it seems were just part of the plan.

Come on, play that song

Pat: Lopez said she always wanted a career like Barabra Streisand's also a top selling recording artist.

I just love Barabra Streisand. I don't know if my career i want it to beust like anybodies. I want to make my own path, you know, blaze my own trail.

bronx accomplished something that girl from brooklyn never did. Lopez is the only woman to have a number one movie, the wedding planner, and a number one record, J. Lo, all in the same week. And it was that drive and talent that got ben affleck's attention lo before they even met.

One of the things i was most struck by was how she was able to do this rock star thing and be an actress as well. A lot of people have tried to do it, it's really hard to do both at a high level.

Pat: It would take one of those hollywood twists of faith to bring them togeer on the set of "gigli." Jennifer lopez was in only after another famous actress bowed out.

Have you thanked halle barry for dropping out of this movie?

I should. I should write her a little note now that I think aboutT.

Pat: Because that was a twist of fate, right?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's funny how things happen, you know.

Announcer: When we come back, from the silver screen to a golden opportunity, the six carat moment.

How did you pop the question?

The details of that are private and scial.

Not private anymore bause i told everybody.

And later, wedding bells are ringing. But where and when?

It's not going to be a thing wherwe're trying to hide or anything like that. If people want to be outside and they want to take our picture, then okay.

Do we know each other?

Not yet.

Pat: You're watching a bit of movie history. Affleck and lopez on screen together for the first time. The film is called "gigli." Ben plays the title character, larry gigli.

It's nice to meet you, larry gigli.

He's a mobster wannabe with a soft side.

You're driving me crazy. I don't even know why I had a crush on you back a long time ago when i first met you.

Jennifer is ricki, a tough female enforcer.

Then the gouging out of your eyeball, one's opponent is left with no memory of anything he's ever seen.

Who also happens to be a lesbian.

You happen to be a very attracve woman.

This may be a good time to suggest that you not allow the seeds of cruel hopto sprout in your soul.

I don't know what that means, but it sounds beautiful.

It means, you're not my type.

Pat: Believe it or not, it's a love story.

Let me tell you something, in every relationship, there's a bull and a cow. I'm the bull. You're the cow. Got that?

Yeah, I got it, bull-cow.

Pat: Before "gigli," these two superstars were virtual strangers to each other.

When did you meet?

We met at like a couple of parties, you know. We barely paid any attention to each other at all. It was like hi, hi.

Yeah, that's a nice way of saying you iced me at the parties?

No, you iced me.

Pat: But both stars came to the setith their own expectations about the movie and about each other. When you found out you were going to work with her on this movie, what were your first thoughts?

For real.

I was excited. I actually wanted jen to do the movie. I thought it was important, selfishlyor me i wanted to have somebody who was well known, you know, big star. D then, you know, i guess i was a little bit kind of thinking, well, is she going to be -- what's this going to be like? You always go into a movie if you don't know the person you're working with, treading on thin ice the first week. Hoping the person doesn't turn out to be a disaster. I'm sure it's the same for you. You go i and want to see what people are going to be like. No, not the same for you?

No, i go into a movie wit an open mind.

You worry. You worry a little bit.

I wasn't worried. I wasn't worried at all. I was worried more the people like me. You know what i mean. Like i hope they like me. I do.

Pat: So did you call your girlfriend and say I'm working with ben affleck? He's the sexiest man alive?

He wasn't the sexiest man alive then, no.

Heasn't even remotely appealing to tell you the truth. He was so far from siest man alive, I thought he was kd of homely.

No, i was excited to work on it.

Don't lie. You called your girlfriends up and said I'm working with ben affleck he's so fine.

No, i didn't. No, i didn't.

Pat: Oops.

You and larry sweethearts. I hope so, she's gore gorgeous.

She thinks I'm beautiful.

She's blind in one eye, that's it.T.

We had good chemist. He could improv. He's the best person to improv in the whole entire business.

Don't be like my mom.

I'm your mom now.

Don't do that thing like he's the best, he's s good.

He is though. I'm not the only one who says it.

Pat: One "gigli" scene that's sure to get talked about. Jennifer string yogaoses, with some not ready for primetime dialogue, the studio is keeping it tightly under wraps. The yoga scene which is just sensational. You're smiling. We can't even say that wor here.

You can't say yoga?

No, the other word.

I know what you're talking abou you have to go see the movie to know what we're talking about.


Pat: When people see this movie they're going to see t first time you see each other in the movie.

Look, I'm sorry to bother you. I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble to use your phone for a second.

It looks like you've fallen in le when that door opens, you know.

Acting. We should get academy awards for that right there. That's all i can tell you. Golden globes at least.

For christ's sake.

All right, sag awards. People choice. Blockbuster.


Pat: Remember when ben and jen were filming "gigli," she was a newlywed, married to her back-up dancer, cris judd. And she was in ben's words "off limits."

I think people inevitablely will wonder. The truth is when we did start working together, and we got along great. We really did become friends. Really, really good friends.

How good?

We really good friends you know what i mean, we talked a lot. That's the thing. There was no kind of idea that we would be together in the future, so it was one of those things where you actually say too much.

What did you tell him that you don't want him to know?

We told a lot about. What do you talk about? You talk about past relationships. And how you are. And I was like this, and he was like I was like this. And you know what i mean. We gave up way too much. Real quick, you know. So, but it was fun.

Pat: With hours and hours filming together, co-stars say the intimate detls flowed.

You know, because when you're not trying to impress somebody because you don't think you're going to be dating them. You're like whatever, I don't have to impress her. So you're like yeah, yeah, i did do that. You know what i mean. So you admit to things. And the truth is, probably. We all try to put this --

He told me about all his ex-girlfriends and everything. That's what i mean.

Dial that down.

Yeah, and everything.

So any ways. You know, you put out like a representative. It's like chris rock says. The two representatives.

He wasn't trying to rap to me, that's the thing.

And i think she was the same way. So we worked out.

It's a cool way to do it.

Yeah, because we got to know the real person. The real person. As opposed to like the mac.

I haven't forgotten that

[Bleep] Either.

Luckily, i had nothing bad to tell him. Other him on the other hand.

I got a confession, i think we're good together.

When did you realize something was happening here? When did you fall in love?

You keep asking that. I told you, you can't pinpoint it. It was like we became friends first. That is the honest to god truth.

Yeah, it is the truth.

Pat the two remained friends after the movie wrapped. Ben even joined mr.And mrs. Judd at the opening of their pasadena restaurant, madre's in 2002. Just three months later, jennifer and judd split, her second divorce. Within another three months, she and ben were engaged.

How did you pop the question to her? Traditional way?

Traditional way?

Yes, it was tradition.

There is some of it that i like the details of it that were -- that are private and kind of special.

Not private because i told erybody.

No, youold some of it. You're a saboteur.

I know, I'm a girl, what do you want from me?

I'd like to know how he proped, that's what I want.

I took the ring out and i asked her to marry me. I took the traditional approach.

Did you? Okay.

Pat: It was a proposal heard around the world. And neither ben nor jen was ready for the fallout. Even though both had been down the road of high profile romances before. Three years ago, she had versace draped on her body, and sean puffy combs on her arm. Their romance was a match made in tabloid heaven. Complete with that now infamous nightclub shooting, his arrest, acquittal and their break-up. On of all days, valentine'S. But even all that didn't prepare her for the benifer show hype. You'd think you had enough rehearsal with that with puffy

Yeah, well, me and puffy were in the paper a lot as well. And there was kind of a fascination with that relationship, too. But this was a different level. I felt like I had had been in the press enough that i could handle it. But even i felt a little uncomfortable with the -- so many eyes on you and looking for your steps and wondering if you're going to break up or stay, you've only been together a few weeks and you're like, whoa.

Pat: Ben had his dress rehearsal when he dated oscar winner gwenyth paltrow.

I went through a lot. Yeah, similar type of thing with gwenyth. Not to this degree. But it was something that i was, it was the first time news about a relationship i was in was on cnn, and i thought the world has gone mad now, you know.

Pat: But ben says his relationship with jennifer has earned him some major props. Not only with his school teacher mom's sixth graders, but with buddies from his hometown.

What did they say when you started dating jennifer? Who was the first to call? Is it true?

Yeah, i got a yo, bro', listen, I don't mean to get in your business or nothing, but are you really with J. Lo? Tell me the truth. Did you have sex with her? Tell me the truth, don't lie to me. I had calls from guys i hadn't hed from in ten years, they were never impressed with anything I'd done in my life. They were like no,sir, affleck? Can't be true.

Did you have sex with her?

You did it with her? No,sir, for real? I can't believe it. Ma, remember ben affleck that skinny kid from down the block? So i made good in boston now. That was my crowning achievement achievement.

Announcer: Up next, the bad rap about her rep, a diva with an entourage.

People are always surprised when i show up with just me, and my cousin who is my assistant, and the driver. And they're like, well, where's everybody else?

Announcer: Later, details on the big day.

I think one of the things that wre not going to do or maybe I should have discussed this with you --

When ben and jen continues. Welcome to puffy dog, home of the big puffy,

Pat: Jennifer lopez has come a long way from that block in theronx, surpassing even her own dreams of stardom.

How many times do you see a latina, walking down the red carpet and she's actually starring in the movie in a tit role.

That was six years ago when she broke ground with the film "Selina" her million dollars salary was a record for a latina actress. Now a week shy of her 33rd birthday, jennifer lopez is one of hollywood's highest paid actresses, period. Earning $12 million for her role in "gigli."

Every relationship has a bull and a cow, huh?

That's right.

Pat: All this has made her something of an icon in the latino, communi. Community.

Pat: So it was some homecoming when jenny came back to the block to do a "today show" concert for the kids in her old bronx neighborhood.

I think it's important for the latin community, and just for people in general to have all different kinds of people to look up to and to be ae to see yourself as a little girl and look up at a screen and say oh, that person's just like me. That means i can do that, too. Or i can do anything i want to.

Pat: She is the american dream in spandex and stillettos. Or as her proud fiancee says a symbol.

This is somebody nobody sd hey, kid, you're a star, you got what it takes. She didn't look like the way people were supposed to look. E didn't have the body shape women were supposed to have. She said this is who i am. And s believed in herself and said I'm a dancer. I think it's a pretty impressive story.

Pat: Jennifer lopez, singer singer. Dancer.

These are things you boys are going to want to work on in the future.

Pat: Actress.

Oh, and one more thing, sports are all well and good, but very hard to earn a living . So I want you guys to study hard ask keep your grades up, all right? Okay? Everyone yes?

Pat: She is also an entrepreneur.

You've heard her videos, you've seen her movies, you've heard her music, I'm certain you're going to love this fashion collection.

Pat: She has her own clothing line, accesories and even her own perfume. Being the face of J. Lo, irk has landed ms. Lopez a prestigious spot on crain's list of 100 most powerful minority business leaders in new yk.

Pat: But with power and success comes something else. A reputation. Jennifer lopez has been branded, she says unfairly, with that dreaded big d, a diva who reportedly demands white flowers and candles in her dressing room. A certain thread count on her sheets, and a specic water temperature for her evian. Even ben admits he was concerned.

I probably secretly thought like this is going to be a pain in the ass working with this woman. I've got to try to get through this thing, and then it wasn't that way. And ate certain point i thought that's a shame. This woman kind of has a bad rap.

All I do is really go to work and try to be professional and be on time and be prepared. Then you hear all this stuff that people say about you, and yeah, it can be hurtful.

You think it's laughable, the white candles, the thread count on the sheets.

Yeah, yeah, and it's funny the ones that don't die. I think people are always surprised like when I go work on a movie or something.

Oh, here they come.

When I show up with me and my cousin, my assistant, and the driver, and they're like, where's everybody else? I'm like, this is it. It's just me. I'm the only one working here.

Pat: Jennifer's defenders say it's this man, benny medina who helped create that J. Lo diva image. Medina was more than a manager. She called him her man on the frontine, her right-hand man. But last month they had an ugly professional break-up. She not only fired medina, but is suing himor millions in back commissions. Claiming medina unlawfully acted as her agent on deals.

Why did you erase all that part of your life?

Well, you know, that part of my life is being settled right now, and i feel like, you know, it's -- it's been a hard situation. But I think in the end it will resolve itself in a good way because benny and i do care about each other.

Pat: Benny medina issued a statement to the press in response to the lawsuit filed by his former star client. Calling the charges lies a added --

He is said some harsh things about you though.

You know, it's not nice.

You don't love this subject, do you?

No, i don't love this bject, because i don't feel like you have to explain or talk about personal things or business even so much. You know what i mean. I think it's a lot more simple than everybody makes it out to be.

Pat: As for the talk that the other ben mr. Aleck is behind the medina firing, he insists he and jennifer keep their professional life lives separate.

It's like i say you should do this that or the other thing, because i think it's dangerous in any relationship if you let too much of your professional life intrude.

I love you, you're perfect

Pat: These two high-powered superstars t to leave the business at the office. Jennifer says they're home bodies at hea.

I love this quote. You said that "curled under ben's arm is where you want to be."

That's my favorite place, yeah.

That's great.

You're embarrassing me. Why did i say that? That was girl talk.

I like that thoug

I do. That's my favorite place, but you know,t the end of the day, I really enjoy the safety, security and serenity of family and home. That's what i love, and I'm glad that i found somebody who appreciates it just as much, and we are able to enjoy it together.


We have to do our thing together now.

I'm ready.

He's the sexiest man alive. When they pick a new sexiest man alive, it's going to be a lie. You're the sexiest man alive.

Announcer: When we come back, the recipe for chemistry, at work on the set.

I don't know what that means, but it sounds beautiful.

It means you're not my type.


Announcer: And at home in the kitchen.

Don't you feel this is a little like those discovery channel shows.

Those are my favorite shows.

Watch the J. Lo in her natural habitat. Look.

I thought you meant the cooking shows, fool.

I got this beautiful, sexy, unattainable girl sleeping in bed right next to me.

Pat: They are onscreen lovers in "gigli." Larger than life co-stars who claim even this is work.

Even when we're doing a love scene or whatever, it was really aboutrying to make the scene work. Trying to make it good. I hope once you get in there and sit down and watch the movie, that actually we're playing two people very different from ourselves.

Yeah, this is true.

We spend a lot of time being in character on the set.

Pat: Ben and jen insist working together a living together are two very different productions. When they walk through the front door, they leave all the action behind.


Pat: This is how ben and jen say they really live.

If you film this long enough, you'll realize it really is boring.

It's sunday afternoon the the lopez affleck house.

Hey eat, they cook, they go to the bathroom.

Like a lot of couples, they like to hang out in sweats just enjoying each other's company. You can catch ben on the court. He is not only a die hard sports fan. Don't get him started on the beloved celtics and red sox.

It's like mchail, i don't know how you stop that.

Pat: But he's pretty good at playing hoops as well. Yes, the sexiest man alive got game.

Air affleck.

Pat: Who does wear the pants in this house?

Ben wear's the pants. He definitely wears the pants.

No, i don't think --

We respect each other. That's the important thing.

I don't think is any -- anybody has any like --

I'm traditional in a way that i take on the woman roles in certain things.

She's very much more traditional than i anticipated she wld be.

I like to cook, and i like to make sure he has things. You know, I'm a caretaker.

Do you like make him toast in the morning?

Whatever he'd like.

>> And i got a treat, a cooking lesson from jennifer herself.

This is a secret ingredient for our beans. You want to know why o beans tast so good when you go to a puerto rican restaurant, this is why. BuI won't tell you what it is.

A lopez family recipe.

I don't think ben likes me to cook as much as i do.

I'm sure he appreciates that.

No, he does love it. That's a lie. He loves it. He really loves it.

Should I stir this?

Yeah, stir it. That's very good, pat. Let me put the salt in before i make you taste it. Not too much. Just a little bit. See, how it's nice and bubbly right now. Whoo-hoo. Yeah. Oh, it's good.

A week after your married, what will your name be?

What do you think my name will be? I mean am i goingo change it professionally, you mean? No, I think I'm going to stay with jennifer lopez, but my name will be jennifer affleck, obviously.

What will your stationery say?

J.A.F. It doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Actually, jennifer affleck's a good name.

>> It's not bad, it's not bad. I'll take it.

I cook with a lot of oil. This is probably not good for people to see. How unhealthy i cook.

Where's ben?

Where he always is when I'm cooking, watching the red sox. Ben?


Oh, this is the domestic godess part of the program?

We put this little dinner together for you.


Yes, we have.

Pat, i appreciate it.

What is this here? Fried fish or chicken?


Well, i couldn't see.

It's always fried. Is it fried fish, chicken?

It's fried something.

You do dishes, ben?

When I'm called upon. When duty calls. It's not my favorite thing in the world to do. So now I'm happy if I don't have to do them.


I do do them though.

I've never seen you wash a plate.

I don't like to wash dishes, it's not my favorite thing, no. So there it is. So how we doing on this? Yeah, this looks good. Yeah, this is under control, it's really looking good.

Thank you, baby.

This is really looking good. It's going to be fine, going to come out just right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, hot, oh, very goo

Just like mama makes.

How is it, baby?

Very good. Thank you.

Pat: Still to come, getting down to details on the wedding everyone is waiting for. Do you think matt will break down when he makes the toast?

He's a very weepy, weepy man.

When is the wedding?

Come on, pat.

Well, bring in the priest.

Is it this summer? Next summer?

When should we do it?


You tell him.


Do you have a date?

Yeah, kind of.

We're working with something. We'll let you know when the time's appropriate, we'll give you a call.


One wedding matter.

I told you you can't come, pat, it's a very small lisp. Narrow. You're on the cusp. The bubble.

Is there a possibility i could make that list?

It's not going to be a thing where we're trying to hide or anything like that. It's just we're not sure, and we don't feel we need to let people in on it every step of the way because it's boring.

All right. You're famous for your dresses. One of the most famous dresses ever at the grammys. What about your wedding dress?

Do you remember that dress she wore to the grammys.

I'm not -- this is the titty dress?

What's wrong with you?

Titty dress?

I said that because they can't put that in the show.

They'll [Bleep] It and put it in just because you said that on tv.

The green dress, lovely dress, beautiful dress, very nice. Very gorgeous.

Thank you.

So do you have to outdo that one?


No, no, no. It's not that. I'm having --

It's okay to get married in green.

I'maving something made. It's not green.

Is there a lot of cleavage?

Hmm? I don't really have a lot of cleavage, babe.

Got the green dress.

When you think about you two guys getting married with the helicopters and the paparazzi.

Helicopters the thing that bums me out, because it seems like it would be so loud. I've nev been to a celebrity wedding.

I think they're doing the helicopters when you're trying to hide and nobody can get close. I tnk one of the things we're not going to do -- maybe i should have discussed this with you. Is that -- is that --

Please, tell me what are we going to do?

I think the smart thing to do would to not make it the biggest secret in the world, you know what i mean? If people want to be outside and take our picture, then okay. You know, we're not going to, you know, be with 24 million security guards at our wedding.

That's certainly kind of --

We want to have a nice wedding. A beautiful day about what it's about, and if there happen to be cameras outside, then that's fine. We're not going to obsess over that.

Right. Well, i guess we've worked that out then, haven't we? We've established that. I think the truth is to not change your life one way or another according to dictates of other people and how it's perceived, what people might say,ood or bad. Whether there are going to be photographs or not. If i want to go to the movies or get a slice of pizza or whatever, we do that. If somebody takes our picture and we look ridiculous slightly, then we do. That's why jennifer keeps me around. She always will look good comped to me. She's always glamorous and I'm like --

There's things that we want obously that we would keep privite. We want to keep the day about our family and about us and about what we're doing, and the commitment we're making. That's what it's about that day.

It's a little window into domestic tranquility, isn't it nice?

Good luck keeping that wedding private. Lo what happened when we were filming. Right there in their own backyard.


Right there.

Oh, my god, there's paparazzi right there.

That's a real [Bleep] Window into the day in a life.

This is crazy. How did you -- you're on private property.

Shh shh,.


Don't be crazy. Don't attack.

Do you think matt will break down when he makes the toast at the rehearsal?

He's a very weepy, weepy man. He's very emotional.

Actually, the best man does the toast.

The best man does do the toast, that will probably be my brother.

Matt can make a toast if he likeshough.

He's welcome to. He's made many, I'm telling you.

The most important question. Will this be a red sox family or a new york yankees family?

I can't be involveed in any family that's not a red sox family.

You can't be involved?

I draw the line.

Maybe you should go now.

Oh, come on now. You don't even -- you're not even really a yankees fan. Yo father's a mets fan.

Hey mets is fine, i can put up with the mets.

The family's split, but we're all new york teams.

I don't mind the mets. I can live with. The pinstripes can't be in the house. I can't abide it.

Our child will pick what he wants to be a yankee or a red sox.

Not if he wants to have a father he won't.

>> Well, there's your scoop. They plan on having kids, and that's one production we can't wait to see. Until then, ben and jen's short term plans, they'll be co-stars once again in "jersey girl"

>> Am i missing had something?

Pat: In just two weeks, the opening of "gigli," where it all began.

oStep up and good things start to happen, am I right?

oPat: Whether on screen or off screen, jennifer lopez and ben affleck, we'll be watching.

So chemistry on the set morph into magic on the movies or end up mixed into the sale bin at blockbuster? No doubt their fans will be rooting for jen and ben and "gigli" when it opens rater this month. Because as everyone in hollywood knows, we all love a happy ending. That's all for this special edition of "dateline." We'll see you again for "dateline" friday, 8:00, 7:00 central.

I'm going to finish any way. You're welcome to stay. I wasn't just doing this for you. We're actually going to eat the food.

Very good food. We both like it. Yeah, you're spoiled. You're a spoiled dog.