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Welcome to the Night Garden, home of Kirinin's Fanfiction. Hi, all. Last time I said I got sick of the blue-book format... and I did... but I'm now trying to mess with the template and a) alter the width of the page, and b) alter the bg color. Soon we will have a slightly new style which I will probably apply to the HM chapters.

On another HM note, the 'stick-figure timelines' are up, and well... let's just say that it's more than stick-figures. Go to the 'Long' fics, then to 'HM', then to the Extras, if you'd care to witness evidence of my complete insanity in the creation of this fic.

My new email is actually I still haven't managed to change that everyplace on the site, tho.

I have started putting the Secret of Slytherin up onto fanfic-dot-net. Once again, putting it there first has served me well... lots of nitpickers are getting those canon-details I screwed up. (It's small stuff, but HP fans are awfully devoted! In a good way.) :)

HM still needs a 'cover page' pic, but I am working on one. Already have the pic of older Ranma, and am working on one of younger Ranma. So long as I can make them look more or less like one another, I'll eventually put it up for the cover page pic.

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