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  • JP Buckner's Fanfiction
    Ah, the wonders of Saotome's Choice. Even though Saotome's Choice is the only thing of any real worth on Buckner's page (sorry Buckner) it's well worth reading. Dark at one moment and WAFFy the next, it manages to convey love and people caring about one another without making me hurl. I tip my hat.

  • There's no hot water? Imagine That...
    Has the incredibly fun 'Burlesque' and 'A Tale of Ten Yen' as well as the VERY funny 'Le canard a la Pekin'. Lots of very cute and well-written fics here; a site with much to look at.

    I am utterly in love with 'newRanma', which is possibly my favorite of Jones's stuff; a Ranma-is-trapped-as-a-girl fic of a different sort. So much to look at, though! 'Pink Lemonade', 'the Clan', 'Curse of Silence' and 'Kasumi's OTHER Little Secret' also come highly recommended. There is fanfiction based on other anime here, as well. In fact, if you have trouble finding the page with the Ranma fanfiction on it, there's a link right here.

  • The Temple of the Creative
    Where to begin with Micheal's work? He sure has a lot, but the incredibly dark and moving 'Schools United' is what addicted me to his writing first. His style is fluid, his plots are unbelievably good. Wow.

  • Ill Met By Starlight
    The darkest, most terrifying Ranma fic I have ever read. Ranma is walking a tightrope throughout this whole incredible story, and you walk it with him. Nabiki is explored to depths I've never seen before. Astounding and heartbreaking.

  • Genma's Daughter
    A beautiful story for which I cannot even give the premise without spoiling a big surprise. Let's just say that Ranma's life is going through some changes. A must, even if you don't read it and its sequel, 'Equal Halves', all the way through.

  • Steve Pardue's Homepage
    Steve came up with the idea for Genma's Daughter, though Deborah Goldsmith worked it out. Although there's not much here, 'The Death of Love' is more than worth reading; it stands out in my mind as one of the most incredible, disturbing fics I've ever read. (After not seeing it for a year, I read the first line and knew it, if that tells you anything.)

  • Iris
    I'm afraid this story is another down one, that goes up as it forges along. There are attempted suicides in here, folks; not for the casual or unaffected read. This was what got me into the whole Ranma girl-type plotline, however. Amazing.

  • Thy Outward Part
    Great tale, and not half as hentai as it sounds, lol. Deals with the externalities of life versus the truth, and introduces a new character that I actually like.

  • Hearts of Ice
    Sweeping adventure tale that features Akane as the main character. We see growth in each major character here, from Shan Pu to Ranma to Akane. There are also some excellent original characters here like Yuki-onna and Susa-no-o. (Okay, so they're mythical, but K. Perry expanded them greatly here.) This was the first fanfic I ever read, even before I'd seen enough of the anime to actually understand what was going on. It sucked me in! ;) I often say my own fanfiction is not based on Takahashi's characters, but Perry's, since Perry first introduced me to Ranma and Co.

  • Alan Harnum's Fanfiction: Home of Waters Under Earth
    Another story in the epic style, like HoI. Beautiful language, often near-incomprehensible plotlines- yet more than worth reading, especially since it gives some insights into characters we aren't often asked to sympathize with. Very Guy Gavriel Kay, if you read fantasy: lots of intrigue and darkness as well as the 'irrevocable harm' card that is so seldom played in fanfiction or television. The fanart section is gorgeous- many people thought WUE worth their time.

  • Bailesu's Ranma Fiction
    Unlike some of the other people listed here, Bailesu has more than one really good thing on his page. The most notable of these, however, is 'Shampoo's Quest', utterly hilarious if you've ever played a text game like 'Leather Goddesses' or 'the Hitchhiker's Guide', and even more hysterical if you've played two or three such games. I laughed aloud practically through the entire thing. People kept staring at me in the computer lab.

  • The Shadow Chronicles
    Back into the realm of the dark and deep, the mysterious and downright scary. Shadow Chronicles is a real descent into darkness, the main character captured and tortured almost right away. The opening hook in is incredible- trust me, you won't be able to tear your eyes away.

    The only possible problem with this fic is that it contains mature content, first for being downright gorily violent, and then several HUNDRED pages later, for being lemony. Usually I like my fics to have a lemon fresh scent, but this one may step a bit over the line. Okay, so it sort of pole-vaults over the line.

  • Girl Days
    Back into the realm of the sublime and ridiculous, the laughable and downright silly. Girl Days is possibly the funniest fic out there next to Shampoo's Quest, and goes on for longer. Much, much longer. There are 17 chapters, twenty-page set-ups for jokes, Amazon Vikings and Ranma gettin' her girl on. Weirdness abounds.

  • The Bitter End
    'The Bitter End' must be placed here simply because, like HoI, it has a spot in the history of Ranma fanfiction. Never is Akane's problem with her temper taken more seriously-- never is Ukyo so deified as she is here. Blade, an Ukyo-worshipper, was asked to write one fic where Akane and Ranma end up together. This is it, folks.

  • Tiger Claw
    Haven't finished this, but it looks good and is talked about often. As you might guess, it concerns the Catfist.

  • The Dynasty
    Haven't STARTED this, but it looks beautiful and is talked about often. Jusenkyo curses appear to be the theme, or part of it.

  • Gary Kleppe's Comics and Manga Page
    Kleppe, like Perry, is one of THE originators of Ranma fanfiction. Despite the rather clumsy drawings on this website, 'Lost' is incredible and 'I Dream of Ranma' is intriguing.

  • Bridget and Jamie's Fanfics and Food
    The Bridget and Jamie Wilde team kicks ass! Bridget writes typically shoujo stories, with the themes being romance and the deepening of relationships (often with a great deal of humor thrown in for spice). Jamie writes typically shonen stories, with wars and seemingly neverending battles. Together they make a page that has just the right ingredients, no pun intended. Okay, so pun intended. Shoot me. My favorite is Bridget's 'Flambe!'. Hilarious yet cute. And they really DO have Japanese recipes in here, along with certain recipes casually inserted into their stories. 'Ranma Monogatari' is also a must.

  • Mike's Anime Fanfiction
    This includes 'Choices', an often ignored piece of excellent fanfiction. Far more realistic than any of its counterparts, Ranma and the rest of the Nerimans could be anyone you know- despite having curses. And that's hard to do. Revolves around one central issue, but reaches tentative tendrils to many others: teenge problems of belonging, issues about drinking, acceptance and love. Good one. I wish he'd keep writing! The oneshot 'Reflective Snapshot' is pretty good too.

  • Relentless
    Looks pretty good, but haven't had the time to check it out completely. It also, unfortunately, appears to be on indefinite hold. One of those pages I keep coming back to, but unfortunately usually at busy moments.

  • The Taming of the Horse
    VERY funny, if you're a feminist as I am. Not much fun if you're Ranma. ('Ran' = wild, disorder... 'ma' = horse.) Another fic that is not as dirty as it sounds. Also includes the sequel, 'Centaur'.

  • Transpacific Fanfiction
    An incredibly large number of fanfics, including WUE. Much of these are excellent, especially Pastpresent, which I cannot say enough about; Bliss, avoid the ending entirely-- no, REALLY; Ukyo Can Cook; and Kasumi's Guest. The others, read at your own risk.

  • Akane
    The best suspense/surprise story of Akane ever written, with developed characters, action and... so you noticed my name at the top. Heh heh. I'll be going now... Update: 'Akane' is the first story being put on my new website, the Night Garden.

  • The Altered Destinies
    This page is quite hit-and-miss, but if you can wade through the bad grammar of the beginning stories like Most Unlikely of Friends 1 and 2, what you'll find are stories with incredibly engaging plotlines, and a realistic new character or two. My favorites are A Scary Thought, Odd Outcome, and the latter half of Most Unlikely of Friends.

  • D.P.R. Reduced Ranma Fanfiction
    VERY funny if you've read a lot of fiction; rather useless, if not.

  • Ranma and Akane: A Love Story
    RAA:ALS is anything but. Instead, it is more on the heroic-epic scale. The violence will definitely shock you, the new characters will astound you-- and yes, I count Ranma herself as a new character here. One of the coolest fanfics everyone forgot. Oh how I wish the author would continue, but it's safe to read since one arc is more or less finished. Ranma is as a new character is fascinating, but so is the adventure that she and Akane embark upon.

  • Trent O'Donoghue's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction
    Some very sweet stories as well as some cool premises: what would happen if Ranma and Akane hadn't met at the beginning of the series, but at the end?

  • Fire's Fanfics
    Includes the always crowd-pleasing 'Sailor Ranko', a fic of middling length that I always really enjoyed, as well as 'Destiny's Child' which I have never read but is very popular.

  • Flit-Chan
    Just... read it.

  • Ranma Dead
    I am very, very ashamed of thinking this is hilarious.

    Best 'Other' Links

    Best Other Ranma Stuff

  • A Shrine to Akane!
    This little site is so incredible. Not only does it pay homage to one of my favorite characters in all of anime, but it has exhaustive links, many images, rpg (dare I ask?) and more. The fact that it wishes you good morning, good afternoon, good evening or goodnight in Japanese depending on the time is pretty cool too.

  • People, Places, and Things List
    Don't know the difference between Kiima and Kasumi, Furinkan High and St. Bacchus's School for Girls? Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Ranma but could never find anyone to ask. Cross-referenced. As a side-note, this person is from Princeton. Anime + local = Kirinin knows this guy. I'll place bets.

  • The Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index
    Basically, it's an archive of more or less everything out there. And this is saying something. Although there used to be voting for the best story per month and per year in several categories, this has recently halted. However you can still find the winners for previous months/years. Fanfics are sorted by genre, by matchups, by awards, and by author; and symbols by the fic indicate whether the story is a cross-over or multiple cross-over and whether the tale is complete. Like TASS, only not. And better. This was where I got most of my fic on back in the day. (OMG... I will allow myself a fangirl "WAI!"... I am listed here, twice. First for 'Deep Blue' and second for 'Akane' which is actually listed in the favorites section!)

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