Love and Marriage

Class: darkish, stream-of-consciousness

'It' has finally happened - the wedding they've all been waiting for. Now Ryoga tries to understand how Akane slipped through his fingers, and how he was tricked into letting her go.

The Smile

Class: silly explanation of a common phenomenon

What is Akane's secret technique? Ukyo's about to find out. And no, it has nothing whatosoever to do with cooking...


Class: introspective

Ranma has a much more insidious curse than anyone realized. VERY short - may be incorporated into a longer story someday.

Deep Blue

Class: drama, comedy, misery

Ranma couldn't break free of the koi rod's spell even if he wanted to. Now he's stuck loving Ryoga! When a cure for the curses finally turns up, Ryoga jumps at the chance - and the chance to use Ranma's love for him to attain that remedy. (Note: This got a true love it/hate it response on You have been warned.)

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