One day Akane wakes up amnesiac, having blocked out the past six months of her life due to a recent trauma. Friends are deserting her and family is stepping lightly. The quest to find what's missing leads her to a dark place within herself. Is she sure she wants to remember?

Class: mystery - humor and romance tossed in

Tendo-Saotome Anything Goes

When Ranma shows up at the Tendos' door, he's had enough of the road, with no friends, no roots, no life. When Ranma and Akane take an instant liking to one another, despite that Ranma asserts that she is, in fact, a he, Ranma decides to stick around for good - and deceive the rest of the Tendos.

After all, the ends justify the means.


Class: Drama, romance

Happily Married

Ranma wakes one day to find that a couple of things are different. Nothing major - just a new life complete with child, dojo to run, and, most importantly, a spouse. Problem is, the last thing Ranma recalls is being sixteen...

Warning: rather contraversial.

Class: Romance, odd pairing

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