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bases on the image of one of my firneds, i have decided to deicate this page to a fallen warrior. yes terrance ruane. hes up in the bon-docks and i must pay my respect. ill have some pics and more stuff about terrence and my own bio-graphy from him soon. check back

spICYmcHAGGis7 [10:27 PM]: i hail from the peoples rupublic of vt
spICYmcHAGGis7 [10:27 PM]: now that should go on your website

spICYmcHAGGis7: where ever u go brownman
spICYmcHAGGis7: remember this one thig
SeNiOrBrOWnTiM05: u will be there with me?
spICYmcHAGGis7: His hands are made of mango's,,,,,your gonna be a genious anyway
spICYmcHAGGis7: that one phrase will get u through life