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well this is my site so far. i got a lot of help from the funkateers so check out there website. other than that there will be a lot of updateing and construction ahead so keep checkin bac.
yours truly,
brown tim

hey guys. ive been going through a period off ummm enlightenment if u all will. ive been working on new icons,pics,movies, and other art work. hopefully soon ill be equipped with a full array of adobe, jasc and fianl cut pro. so soon we'll be all re invented. see ya later. hit it up


well im gunna be gone for most of the summer atg summer camp, so there wont be many updates. but while im gone sign the guestbook and stuff.
the one the onlly
brown tim

sign my guesst book so i know what u guys think about my site. mabye i might learn a thing or two from it...

hit me up with some suddjestions in the forum.