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this is where ill be posting some stuff about my job at the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Its a fun job and soon ill have pics, info, and jokes for the emt folks. check back soon


How to tell a rescure randy form a corps.
1. his duty belt is heavier then his/her self
2. waits in the rig in between hits to listen to the p.d radio in zen like silence down the vlock w/o the crew as the tones go off
4. is up the stairs with the jump bag,defib,suction,and stair chair, but forgot the run sheet

Xphishhead05x: im bord, im trying to snaz up my website silentknight96: my favorite anatomy word is probably 'acetylcholinesterase" silentknight96: put that one on your website for fun silentknight96: j/k Xphishhead05x: ok Xphishhead05x: i dunno im still in thn basics, the veins and blood tube thingies and extrimites and bones silentknight96: and ask, "Is it a carbohydrate, a protein, a lipid, or an enzyme?" well guys what is it, email me with the answer