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Grand Funk The Funkateers
The Extraordinarily Funky League of extraordianrly funky gentlemen, who fought for the lives of the innocent and showed no mercy at the battle of little big mars while slaughtering the native aliens, who were trying to overthrow the ubermensch and sent them hurling toward a white hole in another plane of existence to which no one is allowed to enter unless they have the three crystals of Gahbahaiabaaaa and we have one! Whoa! my lawn mower just flew away! Then we broke into heaven and fixed it good. We're gods now. Now we face a new breed of aardvarks that are staging a revolution and the evil BILLY MORGAN is plotting to take over the world, We have a new challenge to learn to speak aardvark! Speak aardvark? What the hell? The revolution started on June 46 by the aardvarks, who snuck into the house of the hellbeast an took his string of doom and weaved it into the yarn of justice which was knitted into the sweater if awesomeness which kept us warm to satisfy the walrus women of canada. Yup. So then we double-parked the car of understanding in front of the library of knowledge to read about things because reading is fundamental. AAACHOO!...sorry i sneezed. Then we untied the shoes of confusion for the giant and set him free to planet sandal to ward off the robot menace. We like to hug cactus's. Then we won tickets to a Knick's game(they used to be called the knickerbockers...that means underwear) and we got to shoot the half court shot. We made the basket, of course and used the money as toilet paper. And then the whole world exploded! and then there was only the funkateers. So let me start over. A hem(clears throat) In the beginning there were the funateers and then blah blah blah....END

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I added the super long alternate name for the funkateers(other funkateers please feel free to add anything to it) I also fixed the pageant link as well as add the one for GoldSores.

I added a John verse to the funkateer's theme song. I still have to record it and upload it, but expect it by the end of the day.

I've officially (to my knowledge) joined the ranks of the elites as a new funkateer spawnling. I hereby renouce evil and will work to make this world a better place,
as with joining the funk, I have updated the sidebar, and updated my own section by alot! so go check it out.
The Brown Funkateer

we've reached 10,000 hits. i say we throw a party.

Big News! The Funkateers are soon to be again at war. An illegal terrorist organization called "The People's Republic of the Commonwealth of the Individually Sliced and Wrapped, Made from all Natural Ingredients, Spunko" has declared war on us. I hold in my handtheir declaration of war, which is to be delivered to the rest of the Funkateers(minus Mark and Peter) on Monday. Fear not, we will kill every last one of these mosters and eat their children.
R to the ALPH

Dear fellow cool kids and others,
I've had a stunning revelation. click here to see. also, john please send the banner to someone on angelfire to host, your broken o much.

Yeah! I just got back from Kiyeena Point! Classic 30 foot glassy waves! also..
I also found this awesome banner I made. All someone has to do is change the name to grand funk. Wow it was like a year ago when we changed to the Funkateers.

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