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Boonton High School Music Department




Award winning choir and band program!

About the program

In the past Boonton's marching band program was extremely successful. The choir program has also had its share of success at many festivals around the east coast. Students in both choir and band are extremely successful in Area Band, Region, and All-State.

Mrs. SanGiovanni is the choir director. She has worked in Boonton for several years before becoming the high school choir director. She is dedicated to her position and constantly helps students to achieve their goals.

Mr. Carroll is the band director. This is his first year at Boonton and we hope to hear great things from him. He is a graduate of Montclair State University with a BA in Music Education. His primary instrument is percussion.

Students are offered a wide variety of classes at Boonton. They can take music appreciation, music theory, concert band, and choir. There are also several after school activities such as marching band, chamber choir, and jazz band.

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