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     If you haven't heard about Youth Council, it's about time you have. They're the biggest thing happening among teens in EB. Founded just last year, they're growing fast and affecting more and more lives every day. Click on the About link above at any point during your visit to find out more about our mission.

     We need your feedback! A new organization with a new website, your suggestions will be what determines the development and the Future of the Youth Council.

     What events would you like to see in EB? What
information would you like on the website? Everything is up to you beacuse you're a resident of East Brunswick and your opinion matters to us! Write us a letter and let us know.

     We're also looking for talented youth who are interested in building and updating the website. Partaking in rewarding experience, you will work with a team of your peers to help EBYouth.Org reach its full potential.


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Next year, most of the Youth Council's events, meetings, and activities will be arranged by an executive board comprised of appointed members. 

  At the end of the following year, elections will be held. Starting at this time, board members will be elected.


For information about membership, meetings, or events, email

You can also check our Suggestions page and use the form to send in all of your info.

  The Youth Council is actively planning activities for the coming school year. The best time to join is right now! You can get in on all the action this summer, and be a full member in September, enjoying all the benefits that keep YC members thirlled with their involvement.

   This year, each member will receive a membership card. This will be required for admission to all members- only meetings and events.

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