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  • It's the summer!!!! Go enjoy yourselves with the last remaining days of our summer break.
  • Don't forget to do summer reading!!
  • Play lots of frisbee

Welcome to the random, completely useless but informative, and unvisited site dedicated to East Brunswick High School and its faults, good points, flaws, etc. You can read me rant about classes, how unfair the school system is, how different the high school is from Churchill, and....oops, I'd better not be giving too much away.

This site shall also be used as a propaganda machine by me if I happen to be running for any positions in my activities, as well as a provider of some college information for those of you who care. Finally, I will maintain a list of scholarships for those who wish to get some money before going off to college. And also for those who are too lazy to get a real job (like me).

In any case, buckle up your seatbelts! You're in for a long and unpleasant ride in the world of academics. Remember, don't drink and drive. *crash* oops.

Click any links you can see, namely, the ones above and adjacent to this text. And have fun. Look at pictures. Laugh at stupid things. Laugh at non-funny things. Just laugh, it'll make me feel better.

And email me if you have any questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, or opportunities to get me more piano students. And pupils who would like to be tutored for SAT's. Or anyone whom I can make a profit of. :-)


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