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Welcome to April's Hippie Hideout!!!

aww, I love my baby!!!

when your with your loved one, try to stay away from...

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This site is dedicated to April Martines, who just happens to be my girlfriend and my reason to wake up every morning... I will be keeping kind of an "online journal" of my everyday April thoughts, daydreams, and basically everything else that goes through my mind concerning her:

September 7, 2005: Today was our first day back in school. And I made sure to wake up extra early to get myself in pristine condition for the grand occasion that is recieving a hug from April. My bus came earlier than it ever had before, and this of course made my exceedingly joyful because I would be getting to school quicker thus being able to spend more time with my beloved April. But instead my homosexual bus driver Mrs.Pepperoni (Yeah! that is her real name!) had to take a different route this year and go through an entire new developement that we didnt go through the year before. She of course got lost almost instantly and we all ended up being late to school be about a minute or so. When I finally did reach my snugglemuffins locker she was sitting down speaking with various friends who I didnt notice because my eyes where souly upon the one that I love. I sat beside her and to my pleasant surprise she put her head upon my shoulder and my heart was filled with joy. We embraced a few times before it was time to be apart once again. I went into my US history class and just began to daydream about our life together. I thought mostly of us going to garage sales together in life and picking out "junk" to place in our home. I was then awaken by the feeling of Jules poking me in my back which signified that it was time to proceed to second period.

Second period I have Mark Van Horn for Fab Tech, I heard him mention to the girls that they'd have to wear something to hold their hair back during the course of the period. I instantly was thinking about my babys hair, and how sweet it is to the touch, although it gets in the way sometimes when we really wish it wouldnt, I still love every aspect of it. Then I thought about Aprils hair when she has it back, Like the time we went to see War of The Worlds together. Her hair was soft and wet that night, and it was cool against my chin as she layed her head upon my chest. I awoke out of that day dream by the sound of Mr. Van Horn turning on the table saw which was only a few inches away from my hand at the time. The bell rang shortly after and I hurried out of the woodshop room as fast as I could because I knew that in my next class I would have the pleasure of sitting next to or atleast in the same room as my beautiful April.

As I walked in, I saw her womanly figure sitting near the back of the classroom near a commonly known crackhead and a friendly asian girl. I sat behind her and placed my hand on her shoulder in hopes that she'd look back and see that my presence was there. My hopes came true as she turned around and showed me her beautiful puppy eyes and made a sound which I can not duplicate with mere words, but it was a sound of comfort and inner happiness. For the rest of the class I just tried to make her feel as I good as I could by rubbing her arm and back, but we where unable to really engage in conversation due to the fact that Mrs. Ellis wouldnt shut her mouth for 2 minutes, but I we where together as I had prayed, So I was happy and feeling glad.

The period ended and we both walked together to our next class, When I had my arm around her I felt free from the world of slavery and misfortune around us, that is also known as the first day of school. I realized that there was no chance in hell that I'd be attending my Child Development class and I promised that I'd meet her outside of her Graphic Arts classroom while we shared a moment infront of an entire gym class. I went back into the lunch room, and sat down with a good companion Chris Fazio, He told me about how "Aprilay?" dragged him around before first period in the morning before I had arrived. I was then approached by Mrs or (Mr.) Swider whatever she goes by now, and had a nice conversation with her which caused me to miss meeting April by the door of her classroom. I felt horrible and I figured maybe I could look through classrooms and find her and atleast get to see her smile one more time. But that didnt work, and I had to gimp my way up to Mr.Clayton's room. where I was completely in thought about how to make up for not being there for her. I then went to lunch and looked through the hallways and asking countless girls who where wearing aqua blue "are you April?, wait, no nevermind, have a nice day lady" and stuff like that. It was hopeless I couldnt find my baby. So I sat down kind of sulking in the lunch room and ate my pizza while having a short conversation with a neighborhood friendly fat bastard Derrick Badichek.

I figured right after my lunch I'd walk to Aprils locker, cause that seemed like the most logical place to find her at the time. To my surprise she was there, she didnt see me at first, so I figured I'd just put my hand on her shoulder and hope not to startle her too much. She was happy to see me as usual, after sharing a few kisses she had to go to lunch with her friend Courtney and Sandy (the friendly asian I mentioned before). I was off to Science, or so I thought, but it turned out that the schedules had printed out wrong and I had to go to gym. After a short attendence in gym I was able to sneak out and sit with April once again in her lunch period. We played alittle game of "shove, I used to a wooden tool while she shoved back against me with her tremendously squishy self. I loved spending that moment with her when she layed back upon me. Knowing she was happy and in my arms made me forget about everything else that took place during the day. We walked together hand in hand to her math class, first we went up the stairs, but soon realized that the elevator would be the best way to go for "hehe" reasons. I left that elevator feeling light headed and filled with a feeling of love and admiration for my beautiful and someday to be bride. We where once again separated after a few kisses but I would see her one more time at her locker.

I sat in Physics (my final class of the day) counting the minutes, seconds, nanoseconds and everything else you could count on a clock until the bell rang. I hurried to the door of Mr.Claytons class where my sweetie came into the hallway and I recieved a hug which was rivaled by no other. We walked out of the school together with a general sense of comfort from being in the presence of one another. We finally found her bus after a short confusion of her not remembering her bus number. I kissed my loved one good bye for the final time that day and promised to be in school earlier the next day to spend more morning time with her. I sat on my bus, thinking of every aspect of our relationship, and how wonderful it would be to write all down. So we could preserve it for a lifetime. When I got home, I created this website, so that I could write about all my true feelings for my April and share them to the world.

September 8, 2005: Today started out well as all days do when I see my baby by her locker prior to first period. The rest of the day went smoothly, I was able to see my beautiful girl every second that it was possible and of course she somehow manages to look better to me every time I see her. I got to take some photos of her with my new camera phone. And after we spent some amazing moments together shortly after school, I was able to take some pictures of me and her, and the both of us together. When it was sadly time for her to leave, I was atleast blessed with having those photos in my possession. I looked though them all and just thought to myself over and over, "thats my girlfriend, I, I, I, I cant believe it, I'm going to be marrrying her, this is just, unbelievable, she's just so perfect, and look at that amazing squishy ugh!".

I must admit I think the best picture I've ever taken was that of her kissing my cheek, (view above) It brings me to tears every time I see it. I just love my facial expression, and I can always look at it and think to myself, "well, atleast someone loves me that deeply. For a moment in time, she is always kissing me". We then shared text messages through the rest of the day, while I was in football practice I was recieving and returning text messages and coaches didnt seem to mind all that much, maybe its just because I'm crippled and they really know I dont need to be there anyway, but whatever. I'm just so happy that my baby girl thought about me right after school, and sent me a text message telling me just how much she loves me. Once I did get home from practice I was forced into a 2 hour conversation with my sister about basically everything, but finally I was free from obligation and I was able to call my baby girl. I left a message on her phone expressing just exactly how I felt, I'm swirling constantly in a twirlwind of love caused by the amazing moments spent with my beloved April