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The Rolex Transatlantic Challenge

May 22, 2005

Getting Ready for Departure from the Dock

They're off to England in the 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge...


Getting Ready for the Race The Ships Head to the Start Line The Rolex Transatlantic Start Contact the Photographers


L. Buffy Eriksson in the Press Office aboard the Intrepid

Media Coordinator, Barby  MacGowan doing her thing.

Buffy, John, Olypians Carin Cone-Vanderbush & Michael Voudouris

The competing ships and their crews get ready for departure.

Friends, supports & press gather to wish the competitors a speedy trip.

Commadore & Competing Skippers Falcone & Hoopes pose for photos

...and again...

The Olympic proclamation is to be carried to England.

Olympian & photographer, Michael Voudouris & Skipper Joseph Hoopes of the Palawan with Olympic Proclamation

Michael, Carin, Skipper Joseph Hoopes, John & Buffy pose for a photograph.

Buffy, John, Carin & Jack Powers take time for another photograph.

Skipper & Crew of the Palawan pose with the Olympic Proclamation.

...discussion continues.

The ships begin their trip to the start line.

The littlest well wisher with partents.

The Skipper gets a "special" good wish for the trip.

...and another.

The Commadore waves good bye.

...and they are off to the start line...

...with the Norweigien Cruise Ship in the background.

...headed out to the New York Harbor...

The Tiara experiences some trouble with its gang plank...

One of the crew takes a closer look.

All is made ready but...

...some of the crew left their shoes behind.

The Tiara joins the rest of the ships headed for the start line.

The Press Boat arrives to take the media to the start line. does the New York Yacht Club Patrol Boat.

Carin, Buffy, Michael & Jack wait to board the Press Boat

The steps are secured...

The Press Boat Captain readies the boat for departure.

...and Carin, Michael and Buffy are ready for the trip to the start.

Departing the birth at the birth next to the Intrepid

Buffy & Carin watch a ship depart.


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