Demetrius Harris

Demetrius Harris
Played by Omar Gooding

Number: 39
Height: 5'11
Weight: 220
Position: Running Back
Years as a Pro: Rookie
College: Colorado
Career Highlights: 6 TDs - 113 Carries, 583 Yards, 5.2 per Carry

Demetrius Harris is a young, talented, arrogant running back on the Cougars. He is a true gangster, in the sense that he sincerely cares about no one, and nothing, but himself. He comes into the league with a bright future, a large chip on his shoulder, and a reputation for being a partier. He has the support of many players but, more importantly, the owner of the team. He comes from a broken ghetto home where he was raised by his grandmother. Both of his parents were drug addicts and died of HIV before he was even a teenager. Harris, or "DH", spends the season battling with Leon Taylor for the starting position. DH struggles to make the transition from his former ghetto-dwelling lifestyle to that of his rich and famous one. Harris also battles a crack/cocaine addiction, his coaches, as well as his own ego in an effort to look out for himself.

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