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Steve's Inner World

I welcome you to my lovely abode here in the net!

Hi!  Welcome to my little section on the Internet.  I had previously created a bunch of pages, but I decided to "move" everything to a new site (forseeing my graduation from Rutgers University).  And so, after much searching, I've decided to use Angelfire (and Tripod) for my needs at this current time.  This is where I'll be maintaining my webpages/website that I've previously created.  My website is a way to express myself... show some people a little about me... and what I can do!

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Check here for updates to the pages that I created and maintain on my site.

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Tells a bit about me, the person in charge in running and maintaining this site.
Last updated:  FALL 2005.

Picture on the right:  'Anime' version of me (of sorts)
This picture was edited from a picture of Kyosuke Kagami, a Capcom character from the games 'Rival Schools,' 'Project Justice,' and 'Capcom vs SNK 2.'
Remember, this is NOT a true representation of Steve.

One of Steve's great hobbies... a dedicational page... in need of much work!

Pages of something that I truly enjoy doing-playing Video Game/ Console RPG's!

Last updated:   WINTER 2006.

Cloud is one of my favorite videogame characters...

Sephiroth and Cloud Strife from 'Final Fantasy VII' and 'Ehrgeiz'

Another of Steve's fave hobbies!

Yet another one of my hobbies.   I happen to be a big fan of Japanese Anime.


Last updated:  November 9, 2002.

~Appropriate Picture Forecoming~
GTO!  One of Steve's fave anime/manga of all time!

This is the GTO fansite that I've created.  Here's you find out so much about the Japanese Anime/Manga series 'Great Teacher Onizuka.'

One of my fave anime/manga characters...

Yoshito Kikuchi of 'Great Teacher Onizuka'

Anime links that I think are cool go here!

A separate page of Anime Links that I didn't want to stick in my MAIN Anime page.
Last updated:  August 24, 2002.

~Appropriate Picture Forecoming~
Need info on the Rutgers Campus Bus System, then look no further!

I happen to run some pages about the Rutgers University Campus Bus System-about route information and other information the official sources won't tell you-either at all or just plain late.  The Bus Terminal was designed (and created by a former Rutgers University student-turned current Rutgers University employee) to help Rutgers University students (and those outside who are curious) get to know such a complex and sometimes overwhelming (and sometime not-so perfect) system.  Plus some background to the system can be found here.
Last updated:  SPRING 2006.

Before Academy Express Took Over Campus Bus Operations...

The 10 Main RU Bus Routes...


Special Note:  Any overly negative comments, really bad 'flames,' or inappropriate content will be deleted in a prompt and immediate matter.  I seriously mean it.


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