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1/12/02- Hey everyone...the show on the 6th was REALLY FREAKIN GOOD! I pulled a muscle in my shoulder in the mosh pit. Spitwhittle played a bunch of great new songs (u have something to look foreward to). Also, Paul and Tom have been doing compressing and sound editing on the demo, which means that it will probably be even better quality. Later    --Sam

12/16/01- Sorry for the delay in updating. Just wanted to let you all know that I am still here (ready and rarin' to go). Anyway, our shows page has been updated. We have one on January 6th. check out the details.    Cya    --Sam

10/19/01- The show on the 6th was amazing! Spitwhittle tore up the stage. A million people showed up just to see Spitwhittle and many other bands (those who didn't will be punished accordingly). We are still awaiting great pictures that were taken at the show by some friends that came. They will be posted on the "Pictures" section when we they get to us. I also recieved a letter from "bassmaster" Tom yesterday. Now you can hear frequent updates from the band members themselves. It went like so:

Hello everyone out there, this is Tom typing you the news.  I figure I'd give all of you a "direct from the band" source this time.  So anyway, we have been writing a bunch of new songs.  There are a few songs that have yet to be heard by non-spitwhittle ears.  We are also working very hard to get more shows (these upcoming shows will be announced shortly, as soon as details are all worked out), as well as obtaining cool things like buttons, stickers, etc.  In website news, the site is slowly but steadily undergoing some design changes.  I have seen what it is going to be like, and believe me its cool.  There is also going to be an mp3 or two up here eventually... The October 6th show went very well.  We felt that we played a solid set, and were happy to play some brand new songs.  We were especially glad to sell over 60 demos at the show, which is basically all we had left of the original batch.  We are working on making up a new bunch of demos to sell. We are very pleased with our band currently, so stay tuned cause there are some really good things coming up.  --Tom

9/02/01- Its time for back to school shopping at spitwhittle. The demo is out! The songs on it are "Seed, Yesterday Figures, and Daylight Savings". It costs $1. Along with the new demo tape, Spitwhittle is playing a good big fat show on October 6th. You know you will see me there. You had better show up too. It is a mere $7 at the door for a truckload of fun. The merch page and the shows page have both been updated. Be there or be square. God speed    --Sambo

8/21/01- Hey guys. Spitwhittle will be playing some more shows in early fall (details not out yet). We are also wating to recieve the blank tapes for the demo. The guys ahave also written some great new raw material and have been updating their setlist. I'm gone        --Sam

8/10/01- Sorry I havent updated the site in a while. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be leaving for Cape May tomorrow so there will be no updates for another week. The main reason that there has not been an update in a while is because nothing noteable has really happened (makes sense). I am still working on getting up all of the other links on this page so sit tight. Peace home boyz        --Sam

7/26/01- As usual, we are quite the busy little beavers here at spitwhittle. Lately we have been working on adding links to the rest of the branches of the site to each page. This will take a while becuase the links are fancy.
These links are made through Java Script and are designed to "balloon up" when the mouse sweeps over them. As you veterans may know, Spitwhittle is not powered by Java Script so we have to translate all of those links from Java Script into HTML, customize the links, and then upload them onto the website. Catch all that? These links can be found on the index page in grey. These same links will eventually be put up on every branch of this page. Though it is a considerably large pain in the rear, it will get done sooner or later. The colors and backgrounds of the site will be changed to black and grey also (this looks more PROFESSIONAL). I hope this will satisfy the all of you. I do not intend to drive away visitors with this comment but...if I get one more suggestion from someone who is not a band member, on how this site can be better, I will see to it that each of your fingers are torn to ribbons with a rusty cheese grader. I know how to do my job. Until next time!        --Sam

7/14/01- I am bored so I am updating. The Spitwhittle demo tape is just about 2 seconds away from being released. The bassist Tom is on vacation in the homeland right now (SF Bay Area, California). We here at Spitwhittle's Official site include 3 packages of harrassement. For the amateures we have a 5 dollarpackage wich includes the hotel he is staying at and 1 suggestion for a spine-tingling  prank to pull! For our experienced stalkers, we have a 10 dollar package wich includes the previous, plus the e-mail adress on his personal laptop computer and 1 extra suggestion for endless and unmerciful harrassment. But thats not all...if you are really feeling adventurous, you can buy into the deluxe (20 dollar) package wich includes all of the above, plus the room #, the phone #, and one extra scumbagish suggestion for a lawsuit-guaranteed prank! These packages do not actually exist. Tom is a great guy whom of wich we would never actually do this to. Sayonara!            --Sam

7/12/01- Today is a BIG DAY! This might be a pretty big update so just bear with me. OK...brace
yourselves...THE SPITWHITTLE DEMO TAPE IS READY! Not only that, but the site has just been updated and it is PURE GOLD! I got the new intro up and the address is You guys who visit the site frequently had better start using this address to get in or else YOU WILL PAY...DEARLY! The demo tape is only three songs long but it is all good and brand spankin' new. The cover of the tape is the Spiwhittle recycling logo wich can be found on the "index" page. As I said in past updates, the new flash intro is the old "Spitwhittle = Quality" sign that was on the old "main" page. Its a great intro that does some funky stuff. Check it out...ITS ILL! Give me your opinions of what you think about the new setup through e mails but I am not changin squat unless I decide to or one of the band members suggests it. This is a day that will live in infamy. Y'all come back now!            --Sam

7/07/01- Hey Spitheads! The band has been slacking a bit due to various vacations among the members but will be back to work shortly. Meanwhile, I have altered some stuff on the site. The index now serves as a main page. I'm not just gonna leave it this way (dont worry). I am also working on a Flash intro featuring the "Spitwhittle = Quality" picture that was on the original main page. This will be cool (Hint: you have something to look foreward too!). Catch ya on the Flipside!        --Sam

6/30/01- The news for today is that...ITS OFFICIAL NEWS DAY!!!!! Nevermind that last comment. I have added some features to the site today, such as back buttons, a "Pass - it - On" program, and I changed the background of the spitwhittle logo on the index page. In other news, today I learned how to use that thing they call "cut and paste" (this should come in handy). There is no real band news today...Its all about Sam (the worthless webmaster).  Smell ya later!             --Sam

6/28/01- Hurray! Are you as excited as I am? You had better be, because there is nothing like a good spitwhittle demo tape that isnt crappy emo. The new spitwhittle demo tape is done (mixed and everything)! Its not ready to be sold yet because the band is still deciding what songs should stay and what songs should go. I can tell you one bit of gossip that I dug up though...The number of tracks that are going to be on the tape is rivaling between 3 and 5. There is no word yet on what the cover of the tape will look like (will tell you when the information rises to the surface) but the songs are good. TRUST ME YOU! The songs are good. I have gotten a little sneek peek at the tape in its current state and it is nothing to pass up! Keep on truckin!            --Sam

6/27/01- ITS DONE! I've put up all of the images, pictures, and bio pictures. So, at this point, we are officially out of the early and rough stages. There is still one little glitch that I have yet to fix. The lower right picture of the beloved drummer Geoff on the Pictures page is twisted onto its side. For some reason it isnt like that on HTML, so we can blame the fast, fun, and easy internet for this stupid mistake. Other than that, there will be updates frequently made on this page, the "shows" page, the "links" page, and if you wait patiently enough, I just might add some stuff to the "merchandise" page. So look around at the "OFFICIAL SPITWHITTLE WEBSITE". Hope you like it. Peace out!

6/26/01- The website is comin along considerably quikly.  My guess is that we will have all of the pictures and finishing touches up and ready in about 2 days...make that 1 if I'm not my lazy self. Well, hope you enjoy the current state that we are in.  Thank you and goodnight.

6/24/01- The website is in the early and rough stages, and things will be added as we work on it.  In band news, Spitwhittle played at a house in Chatham last night.  Fun stuff.  Fun, fun, fun stuff...