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    Spitwhittle is a three-piece punk band from Chatham/Madison, New Jersey.  Featuring Paul Demyanovich on guitar and lead vocals, Tom Galton on bass and backing vocals, and Geoff Bennington on the drums, Spitwhittle has a fast and agressive sound, but still manages to fill each song with melody.
    The band has a complicated history, for Spitwhittle is not the only band that these guys have been in.  Paul and Geoff made up the guitar section of the now broken-up band Fidget.  Tom played bass for the legendary Madison-based pop-punk outfits One Too Many, which featured current Limewheel rockstar Dan, and Business As Usual, which also featured the webmaster, Sam Burd, on guitar and vocals.  Both bands are now broken up and have been for quite some time.  In early (January or February) 2001, Paul and Geoff quit Fidget and asked Tom to play bass in a band with them.  Geoff was going to play guitar and they had another drummer all lined up, but he didn't show up to the practice.  Since Geoff had a drumset in his basement, he filled in on drums.  This line-up felt good, so that is how it has stayed since the beginning.