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Project Overview
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A Collaborative Project in which students:
    • Learn about Simple Machines
    • Build a Complex Machine
    • Describe their Machine
    • Exchange Technical Descriptions with a Collaborative Partner
    • Reproduce a Complex Machine from their Collaborative Partner Description
  • Create a device, using a combination of three simple machines, that will move a ping-pong ball horizontally a minimum of one meter, vertically a minimum of 30 centimeters, and deposit the ball into a cup.
  • Describe the device so that another class can replicate it, while at the same time your class replicates their design.
  • Compare the actual and replicated devices.
  • Click here to see examples of some student devices.

These Simple Machine images have been provided courtesy of the Franklin Institute Science Museum.

      This project has been developed by teachers from The New Brunswick School District in conjunction with CIESE at Stevens Institute of Technology, the Bank Street College of Education, and Saint Peter's College  with support through an Eisenhower Professional Development Program that is administered by the New Jersey State Department of Education.