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Hello out there, I suppose the reason you came here was to learn more about me, or ya just wanted to poke around and see if there was a picture lying around somewhere. Well, in either case your search shall prove fruitful so have fun poking around.
Okay where to begin?? My name is Maryann and i'm a 37 year old married woman living in New Jersey (The great garden state...i'm still LOOKING for my garden btw!! *l*). If you cannot tell by the homepage I absolutely adore my cats. I have five of them and their names
are :Mickey, Bonnie, K.C., Tabitha and Flyer . I like to read Stephen King and Dean R Koontz when i get the chance. I love walking, working out and am just generally an "outdoors type person". There is only one thing i cannot stand and that is being lied to, so consider yourself forewarned.
So what do i do for money? hmmm what do you want me to do baby??? whoops did i say that?? tuh *l*... I recently left a job as a supervisor for an electronics firm and have started out on my own. I'm starting a cleaning service and i'm well on my way. I absolutely love the freedom it provides me and i get to be my own boss make my own hours.
I love listening to music, Aerosmith is my favorite followed by Phil Collins as a close second. I'll listen to anything from christina aguilera to white zombie, but never country or rap.
Well thats about all i have for now, 'sides if i told ya EVERYTHING then ya wouldn't have any reason to come and talk to me now would ya? *l*

Yes this is me *s*
People ask me if i'm shy..well ..
Pronunciation: (shI)
1. bashful; retiring.
2. easily frightened away; timid.
3. suspicious; distrustful: I am a bit shy of that sort of person.
4. reluctant; wary.
5. deficient: shy of funds.
6. scant; short of a full amount or number: still a few dollars shy of our goal; an inch shy of being six feet.
7. (in poker) indebted to the pot.

depends on which definition you are going by i suppose, and i'm going to let you find that out by yourself...
i believe in a place
where a carefree spirit
roams the pages of your past
free from the constraints
and with no complaints
and explores with a smile
every flaw you think you have
and that the one
once begun
can never blink an eye
without a smile, seen by all
for just the thought you exist
makes it impossible to resist
the happiness and hope that
springs forward from my heart
because know this to be
forever true
my heart cannot help
but have love for you

i believe in a place
where my soul is allowed to be
that which i want for it
and disguises, i leave them behind
like so many cluttered memories
of a time was i was not me
because ive found it
now i'm allowed to be
everything you allow me
to be
i can for the first time
open my eyes
to a world where a single
echo'ing heart beat
is never to be heard
a single tear is always shared
by the one whose head
lies on the pillow
next to me

i believe in a place to slip away for a time
into the deepest echos
of your soul
and lose control
of the very fear
that is gripping me
I believe in a place
where i'm never alone
because i have a smile to
greet me
in a place i think i'll
call my home.