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... the song

Scintilla - This Is Otakudom (the song)

Original song: "James Brown Is Dead" by LA Style, a techno/dance tune dating from the early 90's. I took 3 different mixes of it (there are at least 9 that I've heard), mixed them together using Cakewalk Professional 8, and added sound bytes from "This Is Otakudom", that wonderful fan parody (of mostly Fushigi Yuugi) by No.N.D.E. Films.

*ducks and dodges the suits that come flying at him from a thousand different directions*
Please don't sue me...
I don't own "James Brown Is Dead", "This Is Otakudom", or any of the series that No.N.D.E. took from to MAKE "This Is Otakudom", or any of the characters thereof. I just arrange and mix stuff. :-)

I suggest right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save As...", personally.

All of the above were stolen from M-Chan's Chibi Gallery
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