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*Welcome to MY "About Me" page!
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About me
About me?...

Well... my name is Ryan, I'm 18 and i just graduated from high school. I've been working at Sunrise Assisted Living doing maintenance for one year. However, I decided I needed a little more income so I can continue making mods on my car, so I recently got a job at the Wine Country. Now I'm working with old people and liquor, some combo, huh? When I'm not working at either of my jobs and don't have any money to work on my car I love to play basketball. That's probably my biggest hobby aside from working on the car. I've had a girlfriend (Lisa) for over a year who has been quite patient with me and my need to hook up the car. Thanx babe!<3~RL42300~<3 I'm sure you're bored from hearing me yap on about myself so lets get on with the show.