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Meet the Ladies who are running Rowan's Chapter of Women in Communications for the 2003-2004 academic year.

Jessica Brittain

Position: President
Year: Senior
Major: Communications (Radio/TV/Film)
Minior: French

Activities Involved in: WGLS as Co-Promotions Director and host of The Women's Room
Plans After Graduation: Look for work in radion, possibly in promotions or on air work
Where You See Yourself in 10 years: Hosting a talk show for women, raising a family, and traveling a lot
Women Role Models: Oprah, she is the reason I want to be a talk show host.
What You Hope for WiC to Achieve:
I hope for more women to join the club and share in the common bond of wanting to excel in our field.

Virginia Greaber

Vice - President

Year: Junior
Major: Advertising
Minor: French

Activities Involved In: Ad Club
Plans after graduation: working at an ad firm as an account manager, going to graduate school, traveling to Europe again
Where You See Yourself in 10 years: SVP of a communications dept or president of my own ad firm, married with 2 kids, living in a house designed by my husband
Women Role Models: Mother Teresa, Mom, Lynn Doyle, Baraba Walters, Claudia Cuddy
What You Hope for WiC to Achieve: Unity, to help the community of Glassboro


Leslie Albenos

Position: Treasurer
Year: Senior
Major: Communications (Public Relations)
Minior: Psych

Activities Involved in: PRSSA
Plans After Graduation: Try and gain some experience and get a job
Where You See Yourself in 10 years: Established in a job I love
Women Role Models: Judy Grey, VP for Compassionate Care Hospice. She's constantly setting goals for what she wants and is happy accomplishing them
What You Hope for WiC to Achieve:
To gain more members and keep the chapter going

Lauren McGarry

Position: Secratary
Year: Junior
Major: Communications (Radio/TV/Film)

Activities involved in: RTN, Cinema Workshop
Plans After Graduataion: Gradschool or job
Where Do You See Yourself in 10 years:
Producing non-reality TV
Women Role Models: Penny Marshall
What You Hope For WiC to Achieve:
Campus wode recongition with other groups on campus, empower all women

Vanessa Van de Zilrer

Position: SGA Senator
Major: American Studies
Minor: A.A.A. Associate in Fine Arts

Activities involved in: Ceramics Club , SGA
Plans After Graduataion: maybe teach and do artwork on the side, help political people
Where Do You See Yourself in 10 years: hopefully married to a nice guy and have 4 children. Teaching,  doing art and having my own wheel

Women Role Models: Sharon Osbourne, Maria Shriver, my mother, my cousin
What You Hope For WiC to Achieve:
as much as we did last year, and much more

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