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Prevention/Education Services

While parenting is perhaps the toughest job in the world, it is also one of the most rewarding. Parenting skills required today are very different from those possessed by our parents. Bonny R. Bowman is proud to offer effective skills training, techniques, approaches and tools through an array of parenting training options. Services offered are flexible and can be modified to meet your specific needs.

PREVENTION/EDUCATION SERVICES is a private enterprise created by Bonny R. Bowman, a professional with over 22 years of experience in the field of working with children, adolescents and adults. As a result, her work reflects expertise in treatment, prevention, crisis intervention and assessment of substance abuse and other issues. Teaching parenting skills is perhaps her strongest passion as the need for effective parenting skills are crucial, but don't always come naturally to many of us.

Bonny's talent has been widely received throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey. She is well-known for conveying important messages in a nonthreatening, interactive, caring, and often humorous approach. She mainly does work in the tri-state area