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Way Back When . . . . .
Having being into Corvairs since 1964, I have seen the Corvair go from a lowly affordable Chevy, to an enthusists love, and then to a collectible.

small Bayshore logoI am one of the founding members of Bayshore Corvair Association.
One day two guys walk into my drive way and ask, "Do you want to be a member of a Corvair club"? I gave them $10.00, and went back to working on a Corvair I was trying to keep running.

When I started saving Corvair parts, it was only to keep my own cars in running order. I started saving almost everything, you never know what you will need.

Now after many years, I find I have too much stuff, and will never use it in my life time.

Remembering . . . . .

Jim Dodd's 65 Corsa ConvThat beautiful black Corsa convertible, that we all had fun ripping apart and putting back together. We spent many nights in the garage, on what started out to be a little touch up on the hood. And here it is a Lime Rock, at the NECC Annual Time Trials & Concours. I can't remember, but I know it took Best of Show on more than one occassion at different shows.

    But no collection of parts would be complete without a mention of one of the best collectors I have ever seen. Bud Doerge was such a person.

One of Bud's TreasuresThe view from the back year

    Bud and I traveled all over the state looking for model A cars & parts. Down dirt roads I never knew exsisted and into some of the most remote areas in New Jersey. And yes, there are remote areas in New Jersey.

My old CorvetteSadly, Bud passed away in August of 1984. We all got the pleasure of cleaning up and sorting through all his Trash & Treasures, or the Cream of the Crap as he put it.

Finale . . . . .

    All these pictures were taken back in '84, so many of the cars have passed on to other hands, as did Bud. I still have the '70 Corvette, and the Corsa convertible is still owned by a Bayshore member, but not Jim.

    They say you can't take it with you, but that's not true. I know for a fact he did.

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