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complete name: michael trent reznor.
birthdate: may 17, 1965, 7:30 a.m.
current home: new orleans, louisiana.
height: 5'6".
nickname: stimpy.
eye colour: dark hazel.
hair colour: dark brown, dyed jet black every seven weeks.
marital status: single.
hometown: mercer, pennsylvania.
religion: brought up protestant.
favorite colour: green.
favorite candy type: reese's peanut butter cups.
tattoos: none
education: 1 year at allegheny college.
majors in college: computer engineering & music.
piercing: ears and for about a year he had his septum pierced but trent says "was a nightmare when i had a cold".
mom: nancy clark (homemaker).
dad: mike reznor (interior designer/amateur bluegrass musician).
sister: tera (born 1971, now a mother of two).
brother: bob.
grandfather: bill clark (semi-retired furniture salesman)

when trent's parents divorced in the early 1970s, trent stayed with his grandparents (who raised him) while tera stayed with her mother. as a kid, trent was in boyscouts, skateboarded, built model planes, and played the piano (according to his grandfather). trent's piano teacher (rita beglin) compared trent's piano playing to harry connick jr. in high school trent was clean cut, handsome and popular. he played the sax and keyboards in his high school jazz and marching bands. he was also voted best in drama by classmates and performed in local rock and metal bands. he was not abused as a child, and has never claimed to have been.
in the late 80's, trent made his first album, "down in it." after this, he quickly got together a live band, which had in it (now vocalist of rock/industrial group filter) richard patrick, and chris vrenna [now helping out the smashing pumpkins].

in 1989 trent went to london, england to record his first full length album, "pretty hate machine" with producer john fryer. he only had one month to do this, unlike the four years it has taken him for a sequel to "the downward spiral". after releasing "pretty hate machine, trent went on tour to promote it.

after pretty hate machine, there were a few remix albums, then trent made his second full album (which was an ep) broken.
broken was nine inch nails hardest album ever. only having 6 songs (and to hidden tracks) it was a short ep, but a good ep. after broken, came the broken remix album, fixed.

many other remix albums came out, but then trent's next major album came, the downward spiral. by far, this album was the most popular. the hit, closer was loved by every body.

it took almost five years before nin came up with another album, in this time, trent's grandmother past away, and many of the band members quit and sort of faded away. chris vrenna [drums + samples] and tom wolley (sp?)[keys] were these members. also in this time, danny lohner joined nine inch nails as it's live bassist. and charlie clouser + jerome dillon were other new members.

the fragile was trent's next album. a double cd, which had the band members on it, took a year and a half to make....nine inch nails (now trent reznor, danny lohner, charlie clouser, robin finck, and jerome dillon) is now on a north america tour.