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~O is For O-Town~

Hey everyone this is Alice! This site is totally for the best band, O-Town. I hope you have heard of em but if you haven't you can look around this site or look at their offical site! The members of the band include Ashley Angel, Dan Miller, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penik, and Erik Estrada. You may have seen them also on the reality tv show, Making the Band. If not don't feel like you have missed out because the show is on ABC on Fridays from 8-9pm on ABC! Check your TV listings! Okay well now that you know the basis of O-Town...check out the site! Have fun!!

8-19~~ HEY ALL! Today we open this awesome O-Town site! Hope ya all enjoy, we still have to do a lot so if anyone is interested into helping me out with this site, email me at! Thanks! Enjoy!

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