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This is the Bio of TREVOR PENIK
Name: Trevor Penick
Age: 21
Birthday: November 16, 1979
From: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
A handsome native of California, Trevor is a theater major at California State Fullerton. Trevor admits that it was his personality and charisma that got him the callback. He loves The Backstreet Boys and was often teased by his fraternity brothers for his devotion to pop music. Trevor couples a strong dance talent with a humility that sometimes overwhelms him. Trevor's drive to succeed stems from his desire to make his parents proud and to reward the sacrifices they made to send him to college.
Q and A:

Q: What about you makes you an interesting roommate? A: My wide range of music, from rap to country, pop, alternative. I could pretty much get along with anyone's music. I also have a Backstreet Boys shirt hanging on my wall. Pretty interesting, huh?
Q: How would someone who really knows you describe your best traits?
A: Trevor is outgoing, animated, caring, thoughful, funny. He's a great performer and he's always in a good mood.
Q: How would someone who really knows you describe your worst traits?
A: He's kind of irresponsible, and a little dirty when it comes to little papers around in his room.
Q: Describe your most embarassing moment in life.
A: I was sixteen and I am a very popular guy in school and some of us were practicing for powder puff cheerleading after school. A bunch of people were watching and I did a leg kick and fell on my butt in front of everyone.
Q: Describe your fantasy date.
A: My fantasy woman and I taking a plane just the two of us, with a candlelight dinner and flying over the Virgin Islands.
Q: What was the last unusual, exciting or spontaneous outling you instigated for you and you friends?
A: A turnaround trip to Las Vegas. It was 10 o'clock and we weren't doing anything and I threw out the idea of Vegas and we all got up and went.
Q: Who is the most important person in your life right now?
A: My father. He is the reason I'm here... I just know that my time with him is valuable. He's been working two jobs since my mom doesn't have a job. He works from 5am - 11pm everyday but Sunday.
Q: Describe a major event that's affected your familly.
A: My mother had a heart attack on Feb.3, 1999 and then another one on Mother's Day (May 10). It has helped our familly realize how quickly one can be gone and it has made our love so strong.
Q: What is your greatest fear?
A: Losing either of my parents. I love them both so much and they've been such a big inspiration on my life. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Q: If you had Aladdin's Lamp and three wishes, what would they be?
A: 1. My parents see me live a full life 2. To be a finalist 3. To have fame
Q: What CD is in your walkman right now, and what is your favorite cut off the album?
A: Will Smith Willenium and Who am I -song 7
Q: You have a Backstreet Boy shirt hanging on your wall. Which Backstreet member do you feel you have the most in common with and why?
A: A.J. Because I feel that we both have the same kind of energy and stage presence.
Q: Hold old were you when you received your first kiss, and how did it happen?
A: 12. The last day of 8th grade I kissed my girlfriend for the first time.
Q: What is going to be your first "big baller" purchase when you receive your first phat check?
A: Whatever my parents want.
Q: Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect and what is your collection like now?
A: I don't really collect anything except for things that are personal to me and mean a lot. I have drawers full of stuff.
Q: If you attended the MTV Music Video Awards, which artist would you want to meet most and why?
A: Will Smith because of how much I have looked up to him for son long because he is such a good role model who is so talented and out personalities seem so similar.
Q: You've claimed to like music ranging from rap to country. If you could put together a country artist and a rap artist for a duet…who would it be and why?
A: Bone Thugs n Harmony and Mindy Meready because I think that Mindys voice would sound incredible with Bone's flavor.
Q: You're a giant fan of Will Smith…which movie of his was your favorite and why?
A: Enemy of the State because it was a great thriller and he did such a good job and earned a lot of respect as an actor.
Q: What was the first concert you attended, and who did you go with?
A: Boyz II Men. I went with my sister and one of her friends and my friend Jerrod Kilde.
Q: What is your best pick up line? When and where was the last time you used it?
A: I don't use pick up lines.
Q: Do you have any nicknames, and do you like being called them or is it annoying?
A: I have a nickname from my fraternity and it is Midol because I was really moody my 1st semester of college because I missed high school so much.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
A: Changing the music industry or if it doesn't work out, pursuing my dream of being an actor.
CoOl FaCtS
He was willing to lick a c.d pamphlet at a concert because the girl did not have a pen.
His dog's name is Lucy.
"Bring It On" was filmed at the school that he went to.
His favorite Disney character is Aladdin.
Trevor kept the glass he had his first legal alcoholic drink in! It's on display in his room in Orlando.
He is a baritone but he mostly sings the bass parts for the group due to his inexperience.
During the concert in Edmonton, his shoe accidentally flew off while dancing to "Take Me Under."
He loves BBQ chips and Langers apple juice.
He admitted in an interview in the UK that he thinks the worst part of his body are his ears.
For the MTVasia Top 10 videos, he chose 'My Way' by Usher and 'Blisters of the sun' by Violent Femmes. He said he wishes he could sing something as hot as 'My Way' by Usher.
Trevor used to play monopoly with his sister while hearing to the song 'Blisters of the Sun' by Violent Femmes.
If he could be any animal he would be a bear cub.
He's a HUGE fan of Brian McKnight!!
He is the cleanest one of the house and always ends up cleaning usually after Ashley and Erik!
He graduated from R.C.H.S. the high school his sister Vanessa currently attends. Vanessa will graduate the same year I do and hopefully Trevor will be attending the graduation. He stops back back for regular visits. :)
His favorite number is five
He thinks Jennifer Love-Hewitt is cute.
His fave actor is Denzel Washington.
He can recite the dialogue from almost every episode of Saved By The Bell. Zak Morris was his hero.
He has a fear of heights and drowning.
His biggest fear is loosing either of his parents.
His favorite TV show is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
His mom had a heart attack on February 3 and May 10 (mother's day) of 1999.
At the Cape Coral concert he came to the fence before the show started and let fans touch his butt.
His room in their Orlando mansion is styled in forest green and preppy plaid to reflect he is into golf.
He compares love to a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, his favorite food.
He has a crush on the model Caprice who he discovered whilst in the UK.
He says Beyonce is "milk and chocolate, just like me!"
He loves mint milano cookies.
He hates to get his hair cut.
He's 6' 1/2" tall.
His nickname was Midol in his fraternity!
He is a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.
He was the school mascot at his high school, Rancho Cucamonga, for senior year.
He's a big fan of Will Smith.
He wears Versace Dreamer cologne.
He found out about the band audition because his friend saw an ad on the internet.
His lucky number is five. He had 4 friends that hung out together and they called themselves "Five." That was before the band FIVE came out.
He is a fan of the Rock from WWF
He used to work as a trash guy at the Quakes Stadium in his hometown, so when they were there to perform after the game, during the game they had him in his old uniform picking up trash!
He used to work at footlocker at the Brea mall
He has a crush on Britney Spears!
His favorite CD is the Wyclef Jean CD

He started dancing when he was 5 and got into a broadway dancing at 12
He likes to talk about his Ghetto Booty
His biggest fear is dying in a plane crash or in the ocean
He has a Backstreet Boys shirt hanging above his bed, and he thinks he's most like A.J!
His friends and family believe that his soulmate is his best friend, Brooke
Trevor has a stuffed Red Dog named Legen

He signs his autographs with 269 because he was the 269th member of his fraternity Despite the fact that a girlfriend is hard to keep with such a busy schedule, he would still like to have one
He sang karaoke at a bowling alley every Thursday before the O-Town audition
He went to Chaffey College and worked at quakes stadium in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
He said if he could be any fruit he would be a plum!
He used to be a dancer at Quakes baseball games in California before he was in O-Town
Nikki His birthstone is Topaz and it means Fidelity.
His name means "Prudent"
He is a fan of the WB's Popstars because he said, 'I'm excited to see it from the other side. For us, watching other people go through exactly what we went through-we're gonna actually know how they're feeling.'
He still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Kelley.
"Dan sleeps with fresh fruit in his underpants. I don't think any of us were prepared for that."
"Your like the king of blowing things out of proportion!"
"There are five off us and one of you Ed the Sock."
"I'm still normal you know, I put my pants on one leg at a time."
"There were a bunch of screamin girls yelling I love you and I wanna marry you and Awwh!"
"Oh please please can the cameras leave so O-Town can go to sleep?" (last words of Making the Band)
"That disturbed me that some guy asked you if I was your boyfriend, and you didn't know what to say." (talking to Kelly)
"Trevor's all about comfort and... TREVOR DOESN'T WEAR UNDERWEAR" (in the KISS 92 interview about boxers or briefs)
"I think I know what my socks look like when they come out of the dryer! I'm not jacking your socks! Dan your such a liar! You're a liar!"
"Come on Ohio!" (talking to Dan in a snowball fight)
"If you get by, you're going to sound good." (to Erik)
"My perspective on Dan changed when his friends came down and we all hung out. I think his friends and my friends are very similar. Kinda made me feel closer to him because now I know how much he misses them."
"All women are beautiful.Carry yourself with confidence, and the real you is going to shine.Guys want to be around that- they hope that some of it will rub off on them."
"God... I just want some food.. I'm not trying to talk back to you Lou." (to Lou, after he tells him not to talk back to him)
"Do I want a girlfriend? Most of the time I do, most of the time I do, but sometimes I don't just because I see how hard it is to keep a girlfriend while your in a band."
"Nothing bad happens to us when we're in Canada!" (said it at an interview with a Canadian Radio Station, Kiss 92)
(when asked at a radio interview what he looks for in a girl) "I look for a girl who would wake up at 4:00,5:00 in the morning and come visit a radio station."
"We did so freakin' good. I'm so happy!"
"I definitely think that rehearsal time is more important than the interviews and the photo shoots but from the record company stand point it's not."
"No way! I am not letting anyone down! Not anybody!"
"If it was up to me there would be like a hundred" when told the guys had to pick 5 girl dancers out of 10 for the 'Liquid Dreams' video)
"Not it, not into disapointing anyone." (talking about picking dancers for the 'Liquid Dreams' video)
"That guy's whole scheme in life is to like the girl that Trevor likes and...take her away!!" (when talking to Kelly about a guy that likes her)
"Definitely give me two for Rod Stewart."
"Let's be real: this is every guy's dream. All I ever wanted was to sing -- being on TV is just an added bonus."
"I never talked to some people in high school; later, I couldn't believe how cool they were."
"I like it when a woman feels differently than me about an issue, because it gives us a reason to share our views." (to Lou) "I would like you to meet my girlfriend.. hmm. I don't have one."
"You missed your senior prom to come see us? Wow, thanks!" (After reading a sign in the audience at Holland, MI)
"For me, I just want a girl that is a lot of fun. We could play air hockey and I would beat her and she could take it. A definite added bonus for me is a girl who can sit down and watch sports."
"I got very, very, very emotional. I cried like a little girl. I knew then, right at that moment that my life was going to change forever."
"We all made a pact. We decided that the day O-Town begun affecting our friendship, it would be the day we stop being O-Town. It could happen in 15 years; it could happen in two months... but it's not going to happen in two months of course!"
"There are a lot of maleswho listen to boy bands, but they are pretty much closet listeners!"
"When I do date someone she has to have a sense of humor, and I like someone who's a dancer."
"All my life I have been trying to make people smile."
"I've gotta joke for you....hold on I'm thinking"
"I wanna thank all the beautiful women for coming to our video. Wow."
"Ashley has finally become his idol.... James Dean."
"They cant not pick me they just can't"
"To know that your whole lifes going to change just by someone saying your name once."
"I know we just gotta fill the shoes we gotta fill." And then Jackie Salvucci said "And you Will, you will!"
"I compare my love for thee, to a perfect bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! because there's is nothing I like more, and that's how i would love you!" (talking about what he compares love to on a UK interview.)
"Looks like we're O-Town, guys!"
"God, I know Ashley is gonna get it, I know it!!!"
"I never told you about the time I saw "Save the Last Dance" (to ash) ya know when they kiss for the first time, well all these high school memories kept playing through my head and literally for like 5 minutes tears just poured out of my eyes."
"I was Mr. Trash!" (talking about when he worked in a stadium in Rancho Cucamunga)
"I love Canada so much i want to re-locate here."
"I don't know how else to play this game...I don't know how to make you think that I don't like you except by being mean to you." (Talking to Kelly)
"This is a nice poster you made. It's good. I appreciate it."
"He's on his little hard rock trip." (About Jacob)
"She just broke up with me for no reason at all. Normally when you break up, there's a reason for the break up. This time there wasn't a reason. She just did it for no reason whatsoever."
"There might a million guys at home saying that I'm 10 times better than this guy....and they're probably right. That's why I have to step back each day and be thankful for being put here." (last episode of first season)
"I want to give my parents so much, because they've given me so much and they don't have much."
"This is like a dream come true. I mean 1600 people in the nation and they chose me. It's just like Oh God."
"I don't want to not be in the band, and see them become a big success, and think 'I could have been a part of that.'"
"Everyone's gonna expect so much, it's gonna be so tough."
"Shotgun!" "Por que?...Por que my friend." (to Paul when he's gonna quit)
"Shut up, Lou, just shut up!" (when they were getting picked for the five)
(talking about "Baby I Would")"I can so picture 'NSYNC singing this. But NSYNC isn't gonna sing it. Like, we're gonna sing it."
"Man I got this! let me try let me try.......ohhhhhh!" (to Dakari while recording as 4)
"I look like a girl!" (when he first gets make-up put on him for the performance)
"Sitting on that couch, waiting, just to know your life is gonna change by that one person calling your name once."
"I want to make it so bad." (make the band)
"Ashley's like the balladeer. He's Mr. sweet , Mr. Soft , Mr. I love you girl. (When telling about Ashley on TRL)
(When the guys are telling Jay that he's a nagger)...."you're a nagger..." (talking to Jay)
(rehearsing for Ikaika's part in "Baby I Would") "Do anythi (squeak) OOOh God."
(when his family was telling him to dance) "Just listen to the song."
"There's no reason any reason at all why you should have got up and left!"
"An apple a day keeps Jay's nagging away!"
"Ikaika was great, but Dan's supposed to be here"
"Shut up.....shut up" (to Erik when he was singing about his flower shirt)
"Life long dreams are hard to come by."
"We just gotta find out how to work together. It just takes time."
"Jacob was like pow! This is how it's gonna work. This is what we're going to do and he just produced the vocals for that song (You Bring Me Under) and I was just like "You do the show," cause I know that if anyone could do it, it'll be him."
"I'm Jacob Underwood! I'm better then everybody else!!"
"That girl from Titanic is!!! The old lady" (Jokingly)
"I usually do about 600 of these, but you guys can do 10." (to Ikaika)
"Thanks Uncle Marc!!" (when he gave them money for ice cream)
"Lou walked in with these record executives and it was like..DUN DUN DUN!"
"You're the king of blowing things out of proportion" (to Dan)
"Oh by the way sometimes at night my arm swings down like this, that would be once in a while."
"It's not a club, it's a bar. There's a difference."
"Crulock is a group of people doing a lock together. Like hitting a pose. Not all hitting the same pose. All hitting different poses to make it look like a big... crew... lock."
(and Mike and Bryan) "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My and a weight room, Oh My!"
"I was 3rd row at a Backstreet Boy Concert and AJ touched my hand!!"
"I was about to find out who made the 8, and as soon as they got to 6 I was like, ok, that's it, I'm going home, at least my boy, Jacob's up there, and when they called m name, I just started crying."
"I remember last summer, we where here,there were like, a thousand people there, and they had to close down the streets outside of kiss 92, and we tell that story everywhere we go, like they ask what was your greatest experience, and we're like, its gotta be when we were in Toronto....."
"The beauty of the show is that people watch it and they feel like they know us." (talking about 'Making the Band')
"NO! just listen to the song!" (talking to his family when they all were asking him to dance)
"Hey can you do me a favor? When Ashley comes out here don't all leave. At least 5 of you stay please." (HOB in Myrtle Beach 2/16/01)
(imitating his dad) "Fifty-thousand dollars! That's all I gotta see. Trevor, sign the contract!"
(to Ikaika) "Its not fair that you take the spot of one of us, when we've been here bustin' our butts... and you've been at home...chillin' Hawaii."
"For the two guys who don't get picked, it's gonna be hard to listen to them on the radio and think I was THIS close to being them."
"We've never had enough time"
"Rehearsal time.... we have none"
"You want what?!" ( after reading a sign @ the HOB concert in Chicago that says "I want to have your baby Trevor")
"Like POW O-Town here we are! like bam!"
"To little too late baby! The Trevor Train's done passed you by!" (talking to Kelly)
"Alright I'll sit here two minutes and talk to you."
"Kelly is a friend of mine back from college. She's my first really girlfriend I ever had"
"It's really hard to keep a girlfriend while being in a band but I want someone, you know what I mean?"
"Am I gonna get run over?"
"I got Trev slacking behind..come on..What's up Trev!? Hey, hey I'm ready for you man."
"Come get your laundry!...I know what my socks look like when they get out of the laundry.....I'm not jackin your socks!!"
"I look like a girl" (When he's wearing all that make-up for a photo shoot)
"I got a big butt"
"Everyone, I would like you to meet my don't have one"
"An apple a day keeps Jay's nagging away"
"Ikaika was great, but its like Dan's supposed to be here"
"It's not a club, its a bar, there's a difference"
"Crewlock is a group of people doin a lock together, like hitting a pose, not all hitting the same pose, all hitting different poses so it looks like a big crew..lock"
"Could we take about 2 minutes to ourselves please?"
"I'm Jacob Underwood, I'm better than everybody else."
"Too little, too Late....The Trevor-Train done passed you by"
"I'm an exbitionist. I don't wear underwear except when I'm onstage. I wear boxer-briefs onstage, I'll be singing lot higher if I didn't."
"Knowing that your life can change, just by someone saying you're name just once.."
"I was a mascot. I had to put on a cougar outfit with big head and it was really hot. At university I was great big elephant once too!"
"At one show I was wearing warm-up pants without underwear. During 'Take Me Under' we got on the ground but on the way back up my finger got caught in my buttons and most of them came undone! I think a couple of people caught a peek!"
"I'm probably the best kisser but Erik's the smoothest with the girls!"
"I look at Jacob and he's quite in love. I want that and it makes me feel a bit lonely."
"When I met Jacob at the auditions he had long curly hair and a 2-inch goatee, a week later Lou Pearlman had it cut off. He was clean-shaven and he had this cheesy grin-it just wasn't him."
"Ashley's like the balladeer. He's Mr. sweet , Mr. Soft , Mr. I love you girl."
"I think I will go to the club with Erik. Maybe tomorrow I will be in bed naked with a naked girl!"
"I think that out of this group other then being the best dancer and having the best looks I know I have the best sized, well...male object!"
"I was 3rd row at a Backstreet Boy Concert and AJ touched my hand!!"
"Hey can you do me a favor? When Ashley comes out here don't all leave. At least 5 of you stay please." (HOB in Myrtle Beach 2/16/01)
"Ashley's our pet. We have to watch over him."
"I compare my love for thee, to a perfect bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! because there's is nothing I like more, & that's how I would love you!"
"I think I know what my socks look like when they come out of the dryer! I'm not jacking your socks! Dan your such a liar! You're a liar!"
"Come on Ohio!"(talking to Dan in a snowball fight)
"All women are beautiful. Carry yourself with confidence, and the real you is going to shine. Guys want to be around that- they hope that some of it will rub off on them."
"Nothing bad happens to us when we're in Canada!"(said it at an interview with a Canadian Radio Station, Kiss 92)
"Ashley has finally become his idol.... James Dean."