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Date of Birth:September 4, 1980
Hometown: Twinsburgh, OH
Family: mom, Angela, dad, Mark; brothers Adam, seventeen; and Kevin, nine; sister Allison, fourteen
Favorite Band: Boyz II Men
Favorite Book: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Favorite T.V. Show: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey
Favorite Actress: Meg Ryan
Favorite thing to do when he's not working: Sit in front of the T.V. in boxer shorts
Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan
What's in his Walkman: D'angelo
Professional Role Model: Michael Jordan
Cologne: Tommy Hilfiger
Status: Single! (but only because he broke up with his g/f because he couldn't be there for her... awwww!)
Fav. Food: Chicken, Chicken Nuggets and French Fries from Mc Donalds
Fav. Color: Blue
Dan Miller has been singing and dancing ever since he was born. Born in New Hampshire and raised most of his life in Ohio, Dan, a naturally gifted singer and dancer, is the eldest of four children in a non-musical family. His father, a plant manager for a manufacturing facility, and his mother, a homemaker, have no idea where Dan's singing talent came from but they enthusiastically support his musical dreams. A sophomore at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music, Dan is studying electronic media and hopes to be a singer/record producer in the future. Dan also loves basketball and R&B music. He is the eldest of four in his family.
Random Facts

1. Dan is not ticklish.
2. Dan is said to be lactose intolerant
3. He thinks he's a wimp when it comes to women, he's picky and needs assurance that he's not going to get turned away.
4. Dan's bad habit is biting his nails.
5. He used to be a paperboy.
6. Trevor gave him a list of people to shout out to because everytime he makes shoutouts the guys make fun of him because his list is so long.
7. For the MTVasia Top 10 fav videos, Dan choose 'Whenever Whoever Whatever' by Maxwell and 'When will I see you again' by Babyface.
8. He is paranoid of girls lying about their age.
9. He prefers brunettes over blondes but says that he always ends up with blondes for some reason and he doesn't know why. (*sigh* I am a this a good thing? lol)
10. The guys say he whines the most.
11. Dan doesn't wear cologne, he goes with his natural scent.
12. If he could change one thing about himself, it would be his feet.
13. His younger brother (Adam)looks JUST like him. (I talked to him, he's a nice guy)
14. He played 4 years of varsity basketball when he was in high school.
15. He once said at a Meet and Greet that he likes girls who shop at BEBE! "BEBE is the best clothing store for Women! All The fine girls shop there!
16. He studied electronic media before he made it in the group.
17. He and Jacob are big Batman fans. They collected the comic books as kids.
18. The other guys say he swears the most, and has said a certain F word on stage.
19. Dan hates it when people snore. (don't we all? lol)
20. Dan hates lima beans. (another, don't we all?) 21. If he could be a cheese, he would be american cheese.
22. He's six feet tall.
23. Dan only wears white underwear in March.
24. Dan has a pet gerbil named "K-Y".
25. His middle name is Mark.
26. He got Ashley's part in *One Heart* because Ashley fell asleep.
27. His favorite food is McDonald's Chicken Nuggets.
28. Dan is known as the "Motivator" of the group.
29. His philosophy on life: "It's all in the timing."
30. His room in their Orlando mansion is decorated in an Asian theme, the soothing green walls showcase Chinese characters (peace, love, and serenity) over his bed. Candles and incense add to the chill effect.
31.His favorite song on the Album is "Girl."
32. He uses Pert shampoo and Crest toothpaste.
33. He accidently pushed a girl in a bush after coming out of a radio interview!
34. At a concert Dan had to go to the bathroom so bad he ran off the stage in the middle of "shy girl"

"Welcome to Georgia."
"I was studying to be a garbage man."(when asked what he was doing before joining the group)
"Thats a good one Erik, you win!" (said to Erik sarcasticly when the guys were being asked about the the sexual content in their songs)
"We don't have punch-each-other-out-cuz-he-stole-my-girlfriend fights. We have is-a-cucumber-a-pickle fights. We'll argue about it loudly for, like, fifteen minutes, and then it'll be over."
(On Trevor coming out of the shower in his towel, and then taking it off) "I'll just be sitting there listening to headphones, and he taps me on the shoulder, and I'm like, "AHHHH! Get AWAY!!!"
"It sucks cause I can't call in sick, ya know what I'm saying?" (to Ashley when he loses his voice)*how sad!*
"Stop jackin' my socks!" (To Trevor when they were putting away their clothes)
"I'm uptight about things I shouldn't be and loose on things I should be."
"This tour is really important to us, cause the whole world is waiting for us to suck."
"The show must go on." (big smile)
"Being on stage is our release."
"You are a California boy, ball it up!" (telling Trevor how to make a snowball).
"Come on, lets sing...Bummmm."
"I didn't finish...stop and let me finish what I'm saying" (yelling at Ashley).
"Go out, do your thing. I'll sit here by myself and watch TV" (to Erik).
"Why are you mocking me bro?" (to Trevor)
"I'm not mean, SHUT THE **** UP!"
"We are running ourselves ragged right now."
"I was like WHAT THE.." (after there performance where there were technical problems again)
"Personally, I'm number one in the Ikaika fan club...."
"When the first fifth member, Ikaika, dropped out, the people from ABC asked the guys who they'd most like to have as their fifth member, and they picked me. It was just amazing."
"I love confident girls. I'm atracted to a girl who focuses more on what she has, rather than what she lacks."
"Jacob getting up and walking out.. that's totally disrespectful.. to 1.)the group, 2.)all our manager and the people who believed in us.. ya know if you got a problem...."
"We might not have cameras in our house right now, but we have cameras when we leave our house and go to a public place. People are watching our every move, even now."
"We didn't realize how many (boy bands) were in the scene because (in America) we only have Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and O-Town! When people asked us that question, we were like, "What you talking about?" But now we see what you guys mean."
"I think it is an advantage (that our lives are all over TV) because people know we are real people."
"We are not one of those groups that comes out wearing a fancy flashy outfit, we are wearing T-shirts and jeans right now and we wear that every day! We wear the same clothes on stage."
"When you saw us at the beginning, we were bad, now we are better."
"While these boys were holding hands and waiting for their name to be called, I was halfway across America, in my dorm room. These boys called me on a Saturday afternoon and were like, 'hey, you want to come to Orlando' and I was like, why not? And the next day I was on the plane and I haven't been back since."
"Ever since I got here, most of the people I hang out with are the guys. I miss having a woman's point of view on some things."
"I'm sorry hun, didn't mean to stick my booty in your face."
"Now it's different city everyday, running through the airports to the hotels, living out of a suitcase, and basically a big whirlwind."
"Be nice Soul Decision...what can I say?" (sticks out tongue)
"We have got to do well, or we just might be gone."
"Erik Is the 1st one going to bed!!"
"One girl even said she'd drink her pee to prove how much she liked us!"
"Wardrobe time! Gunna go put on my undies!!"
"When you get up on stage you have to represent."
"With Jacob there's a lot of stuff we put up with but that's alright were all in awe of his singing."
"If I were Jacob I would be kind of mad cause when you get that part you're excited that you might get to sing it on stage and to get it taken away would be disappointing."
"There's no shame in my game."
"I'm confident in my boyfriend skills."
"I love these guys like brothers."
"He's like family. We call him Big Poppa for a reason." (about Lou)
"It just happened so fast. Last time I had 2 weeks to brace myself after I found out. This time it's like PACK UP YOUR THINGS!"
"I think they expected me to be running through the hallways like oh this house is so big, and there's a lake in the back yard and we got a boat"
"Drop of my hat and I was gone."
"I have my own black socks, too!" (to Jay)
"Oh Cindy - I bless her heart! She works two jobs and her family is not that wealthy and she helps put herself through college and pays for her apartment."
"The motorized gates swung open and it was like OOOOOOOOO!!!"
"I never heard my voice on a CD before" (after Tony says it's good) "WoooHoooo"
"I'm ain't Mr. Money Bags, dude, I was scraping away!"
"I'm a big spender now I bought her a $25 ring." (about the ring he bought Cindy)
"Wait till you see Shelli she's a trip" (to Cindy)
"You're going to the tongue doctor tomorrow, but, they can't cure everything..." (to Erik)
"He's so tired. He can't sing still. He was up till 7 o'clock in the morning....You know? that was dumb" (said about Erik)
"And to make things worse, I just gave up my nice big warm bed."
"I bought a lot of new clothes but I left the tags on them..cause if this doesn't work they're going STRAIGHT back to the store!"
"I'm be the luckiest guy in the world,I really believe that... but I still have to work hard...cause even the luckiest guy need to work hard"
"Yeah, I think it's leopard." (after Erik's remark on Ashley wearing a thong)
"Lets just say I will never dispute a lady hunting me down..."
"In the year 2010 *long pause* O-Town will be *long pause* a *long pause* good group"
"I have a good supply" -when his father asked him if he'd packed enough underwear over the phone.
"We gotta do good, or else we might just be done."
"We knew we were in trouble now." (during technical difficulties at the Miss America Pageant)
"I came to Orlando to become something, and I'm not going back!"
"I feel weird that lou's around. I keep expecting him to pull one of us aside and try us to get him to believe that his way is right, so it's a little akward."
"I've never been out of the country I'm not Mr. Moneybags, dude, I was scrappin away"
"And to make things worse, I just gave up my nice, big, warm, bed"
"I bought alot of new clothes, but if this doesn't work out, they're goin straight back to the store!"
"Wait till you see Shelli, she's a trip"
"We're all in awe by Jacob's voice."
"Number 2, number 2..Its time to eat, its time to eat"
"Ashley's the heart-throb of the band, I mean, look at him, he's got the LOOKS!"
"When it comes to love and romance, I consider myself perfect."
"Ladies and gentelmen, the whitest man in America just said 'Holdin it down'!"
"Ashley why do you always have to steal the girls from me?"
"This tour is really important to us, cause the whole world is waiting for us to suck."
"I love it when a girl comes out without wearing any make-up and still steals the show."
"I once kissed a girl in a moving car, while I was driving! Don't try that one kids!"
"Get a bunch of 13-year-olds in a flap and you get scared!"
"When you're famous, you can't pick your nose!"
"I never ask girls out, I'm such a wimp!"
"I didn't even like 'Liquid Dreams' the first time I heard it"
"Lets just say I will never dispute a lady hunting me down..."
"One girl even said she'd drink her pee to prove how much she liked us!"
"Dude why are u mocking me? Don't mock me."(talking to Trevor)
"Come get your laundry!"
"You're a California boy! You have to ball it up!" (talking to Trevor while in a snowball fight)
"I love confident girls. I'm attracted to a girl who focuses more on what she has, rather than what she lacks."
"We didn't realize how many [boy bands] were in the scene because [in America] we only have Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and O-Town! When people asked us that question, we were like, "What you talking about?" But now we see what you guys mean."
"While these boys were holding hands and waiting for their name to be called, I was halfway across America, in my dorm room."