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Full Name: Ashley Parker Angel
Born: August 1, 1981
Residence: Orlando, FL & Redding, CA
Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Audition: Las Vegas, NV
Favorite Shows: Sienfeld, Friends, MTV
Family: Mother, Father, Brother and sister
School: Shasta College
Interesting Facts

1. He is the tallest of the group.
2. He brought his little girl cousin up on stage for the song "The Painter" at his hometown show July 8 in Redding, CA.
3. He would love to co-star with Jennifer Aniston on Friends.
4. He has a birth mark in the shape of a killer whale.
5. The red and white bucket hat that he wears on Making the Band comes in Molson Canadian beer cases, and says I AM .
6. He used to be a lifeguard.
7. He sang the song "Name" by the Goo Goo Dolls for his graduating class.
8. Ashley's real name is Ashley Ward Parker Angel.It was Ashley Ward Parker, but when his mom married again his last name was Angel so now its Ashley Ward Parker-Angel. His middle name is Ward.
9. The stuff he uses in his hair is called "Fiber" by a company called American Crew.
10. His grandfather's name Is Gilbert Parker.
11. For the MTVasia Top 10 videos, he chose 'Iris' by Goo goo dolls and 'Semi-charmed life' by Third Eye-blind.
13. The first time he heard the song 'Iris' by Goo goo dolls, he knew he gotta get their album.
14. Ashley Parker Angel means meadow of ash trees, guardian of the park, heavenly messenger.
15. He shares his birthday (August 1) with Coolio (famous rapper) and Jerry Garcia (famous musician).
16. He and Jacob were going to go backstage at a Goo Goo Dolls concert and meet Johnny Rezenick and have his stage manager, Mike, show them some guitar stuff. But their plans got changed and they had to leave Florida the day they were supposed to go to the concert, they had something come up.
17. He was once making up a skit with Erik and was hopping around with his tongue out like a frog! he didn't know the camera was filming him.
18. He is a thinker, but he couldn't just sit and think while he was on "Making the Band" because "he thought it would be boring to see him just sitting and thinking."
19. He used to wear a tie for school pictures until he was in middle school.
20. He worked at Rix Video Store when he was 16.
21. He has been obsessed with superman every since he was little.
22. He has an annoying habit of talking loudly on his cell phone
23. He would definitely date a fan! He says "There's a difference between a fan and an admirer," and he would date someone who admires what he does.
24. He and Erik are the messiest of the group and you can find them by following the trail of dishes they leave behind themselves.
25. According to the other members, he gets the most fan mail and email.
26. If he could be another member of the group, he'd be Dan.
27. His first ever concert was a Third Eye Blind concert.
28. His audition for the band was in Las Vegas.
29. He started going out with Shelli in 1998.
30. When Ashley was six years old, he used to think he could fly. He tested it out by bouncing then leaping off the couch like he was Superman.
31. He drives a Black Lincoln Navigator.
32. His favorite author is Steven King.
33. On a scale from 1-10, he rates himself a 10 on kissing.
34. He was siting in a chair while filming MTB and he fell out. He said he was lucky the camera guys missed it. It was his most embarrassing moment.
35. His ideal date is somebody who can cook (because he can't!).
36. He and Shelli worked at the fitness center together in Redding.
37. His biggest fear is that he will have a goal that he wants so bad he can taste it, and not being able to achieve it.
38. He says what makes him an interesting roommate is he's very open and easy going, and has an awesome sense of humor.
39. He owns Star Wars sheets and pillows and he has a yoda toothbrush.
40. His room in their Orlando mansion is decorated with the "S" (Superman) logo all over the place, Andy Warhol-style paintings, and a stack of Superman comics on his bookshelf.
41. He does a great Kermit the frog impression.
42. He used to work at Waterworks in Redding, Ca.
43. His favorite song from their debut CD is "Love Should Be A Crime."
44. He is afraid fans will pull his pants down at concerts.
45. He has a crush on Denise Richards.
46. He loves a girl with a good sense of humor.
47. He loves CK stuff.
48. He drinks B52 (an energy drink) which is why he is more awake than the rest of the guys.
49. He says a girls personality is more important than her looks.
50. He once woke up only to find a MTB camera in his face. He didn't want to get out of bed because he was only wearing boxers!
51. He sees himself as an actor in 10 years.
52. His favorite T-shirt is his math team shirt.
53. He used to watch "Mr. Wizard" on Nick every morning when he was a kid.
54. His favorite show as a kid was "Ducktales".
55. His professional role model is Harrison Ford.
56. He went to Central Valley High School and he was also a part of the College Connection, a program in which high school seniors get to study their senior year at Shasta College.
57. He was valedictorian of his class.
58. One of his old music or singing lesson places has a plaque dedicating the building to him.
59. He sleeps in his underwear.
60. He has a Mitsubishi Eclipse.
61. He loves cereal and his favorite is Smacks.
62. His mom is a piano teacher.
63. He was on his high school math team.
64. He has met all of the Jackson Five except for Michael.
65. He took acting lessons with Rebecca Olson.
66. He played Danny Zuko in a production of Grease in his hometown of Redding, Ca. It was sold out on all 14 shows!
67. He really likes cow print jackets. He was talking about them during the whole meet and greet from their charity softball game.
68. He is scared to get a tattoo.
69. The stuff Ashley uses in his hair is Bed Head Wax Sticks.
70. His dog (who he's had for around 10 years) is named Chang because he used to fall asleep to piano music his mom would play music by this composer, Chang.
71. His dream date is a candlelight dinner with a meal he cooked himself.
72. He gave Shelli a pearl necklace on their first date
73. His best friend is his cousin Casey.
74. His favorite school subject was math.
75. He stood on the table with his clothes off (still had on boxers) dancing while the rest of the guys were putting money in his boxers!
76. He used to work at "ShopKo" in his hometown.
77. The item that is most dear to his heart is his journal that his started when he made the eight.
78. He would love to visit Fiji because he would love to go scuba diving there.
79. He considers his mother as the major inspiration of his life.
80. His favorite junk food is Kit Kats.
81. His favorite movie is the Matrix.
82. His favorite food is lasagna.
83. The cologne he wears is Perry Ellis.
84. He and Erik are big SNL (Saturday Night Live) Fans, and are always doing skits.
85. He and Shelli broke up but, are still friends
86. He has an earring on his left ear.
87. Ashley wriggles his nose when he goes for his high long notes
88. He is very ticklish on the sides of his stomach.
89. He has a grandmother who lives in Canada
90. He was named after Ashley Wilkes the character that Scarlet fell in love with in "Gone With the Wind"
91. He wears Acqua Digio colonge by Armani.
92. He fell asleep during the recording of "One Heart" so Dan got Ashley's part of the song.
93. He tried out for the voice of Simba in the Lion Kin.g
94. He did the voice of Alex in the playstation video game Lunar-The silver star story. He talks about it on the making of Lunar Disk that came with the game.
95. His favorite band in school was The Guess Who.
96. When he was in Junior high he dedicated a song to his girlfriend and sang it to her in front of all of his friends at a school dance
97. He went to the same acting school as Richard Gere.
98. He got first choice in picking a room at their new house.
99. He played a song he wrote himself on his guitar and sang to it, for his audition.
100. He wrote 'Say, Say' along with Jacob
101. He said if he could be any animal he would be a dolphin.
102. When he was a kid his favorite color was lime green but now it is blue.
103. He looks in the mirror the most out of all the guys and Jacob said that he has even caught him checking out his butt.
104. He attended Central Valley High School in Redding, CA
105. If he was on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things, he'd bring music, women, and a cruise ship
106. His fave roller coaster is Dueling Dragons in Islands of Adventure
Random Quotes

"In a manly kinda way, I'm glad we're tight."
"Guys are competitive by nature so it's a big turn-on when a girl wants to play a game. It builds a friendship."
"We really became O-Town once Dan joined us. Before that, we weren't."
"We talk about it in 'Liquid Dreams,' what would be our ideal woman but that's a fantasy and not real life. I think, in our real life, expectations of a girl are much different. I know all of us like a girl with a great sense of humor and all the way down, personality is much more stressed."
"When we first came out with it (the album), we listened to it a lot, but not anymore." (walking backstage yelling to Dan infront of him]) "Its Dan Miller, I said Dan... Dan my man I said Dan Miller... DAN, DAN DAN!!"
"We're ready to do everything it takes to bring o-town to where we all envision it."
"I quite fancy them British girls... it's quite easy to keep conversation with them."
"We love girls is general! How politically correct is that?!"
"We've tried to clean the house about twenty times, do I look like I'm kidding? do I look like I'm even kidding? (to Jay, with a battery up his nose)
"Girls be nice now." (After the crowed booed some girl off stage)
"People said our lives would get busy, but none of us could have EVER imagined how busy they meant!" (To Trevor) "Your the crybaby! I mean....the emotional one!"
"Your first phone interview and you HANG up on her." (talking to Erik)
"I think I am the only 19-year old male left on earth that wears briefs. I think I'm going to have to change soon."
"Someone keeps grabbing my as--butt."
"Now, who wants to spank me?" (said it on his 19th birthday on TRL)
(to Mike) "Are you trying to get me to say that Cori has a nice butt..? Yeah Cori has a nice butt!"
"Right away it was just like, I love this..."
"Hey yall I heard something from a DJ about how Dallas had some HOT girls and You know what? Dallas does have some pretty HOT girls!"
"To say I haven't changed would be a lie."
"I apologize...cause I always acted like there was nothing wrong when it was obvious that your heart was hurting...I just did't know how to deal with how much you were hurting."
"All I know is I quite fancy British girls. They've got a way about them. They make for quite smashing conversation."
"Everytime we are around Boston, we all go to Jackie (Salvucci, one of the 25)'s house and his mom makes us dinner!"
"Give me one for Joey Lawrence."
"We eat so much fast food that it's nice to eat some real food every once in a while. Ya know? Real lettuce, not frozen dehydrated burger lettuce."
"The producers like Warryn Campbell, they really like Jacob's voice. They picked him to sing that part and then when he was done they were ranting and raving about it, oh that was the tightest part."
"It was really weird. I woke up there was literally a camera in my face. I only had boxers on I was like, 'Do I really want get out of bed in front of you?'"
"It just hit me like a ton of bricks...tears came to my eyes." (when he made the five)
"He's just playin' psychological tactics." (talking about Jay to Ikaika)
"Two times the charm!" (about their second concert)
"I've got to meet the greatest guys I've ever met in my entire life."
"Yeah, Jay you said I was your favorite too!" (after Jay tells everyone Dan is his favorite and Trevor say's that Jay told him that he was Jay's favorite)
(Before the "All My Children" taping) "Tell me ladies, is the hair too wild?"
"Don't have any money do you? I don't even have my wallet."
"Are you telling me you don't want me to have my dreams come true?"
"Oh, we always take out the garbage." (When Jay was complaining about the messy house)
"I'm pretty much sure I can't feel my legs." (when he gets picked for the eight)
"Bianca, may I have this dance with you?" (on All My Children)
"I'm 18 years old, I'm young. I know my life is going to take a lot more...twists and turns." (talking about his relationship with Shelli)
"You don't understand, it hurts just as much to say it." (When he is breaking up with Shelli)
"I didn't like that question sorry beep!"
"Is there something going on with Ikaika??" (talking to mark)
"Have I met all of you?? I know.. I know some of you were in Wolftales."
"I was afraid they were going to pull my pants down."
"23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 buses....."
"Our show was....." (long pause) "....great."
"There's a negative connotation to the word 'Boy Band,' but that's what we are. The Beatles were a boy band. The Jackson 5 were a boy band. We're a boy band."
"I just want you to know that like no matter what happens to us I'll always... I'll always... I'll always love you so much...and that'll never stop."
"I like my girlfriend more than anything else in the world"
"Does it look like I'm kidding?" (talking to Jay about the messy house, with a battery up his nose)
(talking about Erik) "We're going to Germany tomorrow, what happens if your not better? Then it screws up everything."
"I know my Dad loves me, but it doesn't seem like it when he won't support me."
"Through our experiences we have learned so much about each other and through each other we leaned things about our selves. I learned that I am such a people person." (not on TV but on a video on Making the Bands home page)
(when he burns his tongue and gets ice cream)"...I don't think I've ever burnt my tongue this badly before...ahhhh, that feels good..."
(to Shelli) "You forgot sandals but you brought go-go boots?"
"Listen to the engine it's sounds like we're in Germany!"
"I'm going to criticize myself but I'm not going to dwell on it. There's a difference between criticizing yourself and dwelling on your criticism."
"I love you enough to say goodbye." (to Shelli)
"Hello and welcome to the Dusseldorf Hilton, my name is Stephen. Every morning there will be a complementary breakfast and beverage"
"I didn't like that question, sorry! ....BEEP!!"
"Ya know that's funny cause I got an offer from RCA to be a country artist."
"I think we should not be together for awhile."
"How good did that feel!? WHOOOOO!"
"I am Superman."
"Guys...quiet, I have something important to say! (long pause)...Do I make you horney?!"
"There was so much pressure knowing you were always being evaluated, and then you had to go home and realize you're living with three guys who weren't going to make it, and one of those guys could be you."
"I love it when people think I'm a girl ... I get more respect that way"
"True that....sister....true that!" (the Kathy Griffin show)
"Have we gone Platinum.... Aluminum... PLASTIC?!?!" (referring to the sales of their debut album)
"I can't perform beside him when i don't know if he's gonna punch me or something"
"I burnt my tongue! I know it's not like a third degree burn, but I have never burnt my tongue this badly before."
"I'm so happy we made it this far. Thanks for being a fan of ours!"
"I'm having so much fun! I'm holding his foot!" (at a photo shoot Ashley is holding Erik's foot, and the photographer tells the guys to look "happy.")
"I mean, if my kid loved something that much I would never be so cold."
"It sounds like amateur, amateur karaoke night." (talking about the Miss America Pageant performance)
"Erik's biggest strength is his soul! When he sings it's all from right here."
"Okay...I love you momma!"
"I wonder if there's gonna be, like, teenage girls in the audience. Cause if there was, I was... gonna like.... try and flirt with them a bit." (talking to Bryan the night before the 8 were chosen)
"Honestly, its really hard. Its not just the long distance thing, its me doing what I'm doing, and having it take up so much of my time and my devotion...and all the strength that I have has to be put in this for it to work.and it doesn't allow a lot of room for...*love*" (when Ashley and Shelli are getting some "space")
"Dan, I know you told me that Ohio girls were hot...but DANG!! Look at these girls!"
"Uh, Trevor used your chapstick." (TRL @ Your House)
"So you're all on TV right now!" (on MuchMusic about the Making the Band cameras being there)
"And she just like threw herself on me and started crying and I was like, do you even know my name?!" (about their a fan at their first performance)
"This whole year has spun my life into outer-space."
"It's not how they came together. It's how we came together." (when talking about Lance and his negative comment about O-Town)
"A year ago we were watching TRL and now we're on it!"
"Basically Dan got a phone call like this.'Hey Dan we need a fifth member but we're not sure so can you pack for a couple of days but you might be here for the rest of your life.'"
"We've just been signing contracts with Clive and all, and I just wanna say that's a really nice pant suit"
"Nice move Kelly. You leave and then decide you want Trevor back." (When talking about Trevor's ex-girlfriend Kelly, when Kelly decides she wants to go back out with Trevor)
"My life is completely changing and it's scaring me. Everyday I feel like I'm losing touch a little bit more. Every new city we go to, and how busy we are. I just wanna keep in touch with something that was my old life."
"It just upsets me because lately we've had so many great performances, I don't want to start slipping, I don't want anything to start happening where I walk off stage dissapointed."
"I get on the internet all the time and no one believes that it's me, what's up with that guys?"
"Listen to the even sounds like we're in Germany"
"I am superman"
"I'm pretty much sure I can't feel my legs" (When he made the final five)
"I've got to meet the greatest guys I've ever met in my entire life"
"It was magic"
"Definitly gimme one for Joey Lawrence"
"In a manly kinda way, I'm glad were tight!" <--talking to Erik
"Everyday I wake up and wonder what will happen, and then I fall back asleep."
"I had to put up with all the crew seeing all of me...and making comments. Trevor reckons my shower's better than his, so that's why he doesn't get as much fanmail!"
"I used to wear briefs but all the guys made fun of me. But when I was a kid I wore really bad underwear, Superman pants. But didn't everyone??"
"I wrote a song for my girlfriend in high school. I even recorded it and played it at her prom. I went up on stage, took a mike and said 'I've written this fo rmy girlfriend and then put it into the CD player. The class gathered around us and we had a slow dance to it."
"We've got this rule about no. 2's on the bus!"
"One day Trevor came in and threw a bowl and spoon on my lap, and said, "That's how the sink feels"
"It was a first BIG show, Shelli was there...and I threw up."
"I prefer handsome to pretty"(to Shelli after he tells her she's pretty and she says you are too)
"We'd been out clubbing and afterwards the taxi driver took us to the wrong hotel. We had no money and walked through the streets of London for two-and-a-half hours trying to find our hotel. No-one would help us because they thought we were just some weird Americans"(about his first visit to London)
"These aren't storng enough to ride on, are they?" (talking about the ponies at Shelli's house)
"Trevor and I are the criers. We're the totally emotional ones."
"Fellas, Fellas, are you feeling us, or no? Toronto has beautiful women!"
"Tell me ladies, is the hair too wild?"
"I love it when people think I'm a girl ... I get more respect that way"
"True that....sister....true that!" (the Kathy Griffin show)
"I can't perform beside him when i don't know if he's gonna punch me or something"
"I'm having so much fun! I'm holding his foot!"
"It sounds like amateur, amateur karaoke night."
"I wonder if there's gonna be, like, teenage girls in the audience. Cause if there was, I was... gonna like.... try and flirt with them a bit." (talking to Bryan the night before the 8 were chosen)
"Dan, I know you told me that Ohio girls were hot...but DANG!! Look at these girls!"
"Now, who wants to spank me?" (said it on his 19th bday on TRL)
"Everytime we are around Boston, we all go to Jackie (Salvucci, one of the 25)'s house and his mom makes us dinner!"
"I'm a social butterfly...a manly butterfly, that is"
"Guys are competitive by nature so it's a big turn-on when a girl wants to play a game. It builds a friendship."
"Your the cry baby! I mean...the emotional one!" (to Trevor )
"Uh, Trevor used your chapstick." (TRL @ Your House)
"I'm gonna try to act professional right now but I'm just not going to!"